Friday, January 9, 2015

Happy New Year!!!!

I do love a neat single crochet seam ...
OhMyBob, it's 2015!!!!! I hope everyone had a great New Year's celebration (or at least you rang in the new year in the way most pleasant for you). I have been so busy since mid-December, it still feels like 2014 to me. I will have a recap of last year, hopefully sometime before the end of January.

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for further information on this design.
In the meantime, I start off 2015 with two new designs published in the February issue of (and they have yet to make it to the Ravelry database, but they will soon I am certain): the first is the Frozen Crystals Pillow. I am absolutely in love with the mix of tunisian crochet and post stitches in this design. Made with a cool shade of Cascade Yarn's 220 Superwash Aran (which I blogged about here right around the Labor Day weekend, and includes my ode to all the wonderful yarn I used last summer), I am just itching to use this pillow in my own living room. Of course, I want to make a few interior design changes before I do, so it most likely won't happen until the spring. Nevertheless, just knowing I have this waiting for me is such a delicious design treat. 

The other design in February's edition is the lush La Coeur Cowl:

(c); go here at the site
for further information on this design.

Made with Bernat's Alpaca (a chunky alpaca blend that I featured on the blog back in August 2014), this is a quick, quick, quick project. Since I've definitely been feeling the cowl love lately, the timing of this design's publishing couldn't be better. Of course, it would be a great Valentine's Day gift to whip up for someone special in your life (and this isn't an all inclusive list) - mom, sister, cousin, daughter, bff ... or yourself! 

I am so glad these designs are kicking off my 2015 (and Leather, Lace, Grit & Grace is oh-so-close on their heels!), I'm still pinching myself due to the design bounty that continues from 2014. I hope you'll head on over to Andrea's at Wisdom Begins in Wonder and check out how everyone else is starting off their year.

And, hey - have a great, fiber-filled weekend!

Friday, December 26, 2014

I Just Can't Help Myself

Hi Everyone - happy December 26th! I hope you are kicking back and enjoying a post-holiday day off from work.

As for me, here's why I can't help myself: I have started to highlight tester finished projects over at the Leather, Lace, Grit & Grace blog. However, I am showing off only those finished projects from designs I previewed. Since there are so many more designs (which are now making their way slowly but surely into the Ravelry database), I decided I needed to show off one of them here, so I hope you'll indulge me on this Fee-Fi(ber)-F.O. Friday.

The design is the Quimby Hooded Cover-up, inspired by Harriet Quimby's distinctive purple silk flying outfit. To the left is my sample worked up for the book in, of course, predominantly purple hues of Lion Brand Amazing in the violets colorway and LB Collection Silk Mohair in iris. 

Now, check out my wonderful tester Kristina's cover-up. She also used Lion Brand Amazing, but in the Strawberry Fields colorway, and paired it with a different yarn for the edging. Don't you just love how sassy she's looking in the photo to the right? The scarf also looks great just simply left to its own devices in the front.

I've also included a shot of the back of Kristina's, which clearly shows the length of the shrug. It's enough to provide good warmth down most of the wearer's back. The goal with this cover-up is warmth, warmth, warmth - in case you were wondering. Quimby flew in open cockpits, so a warm flying suit with functionality was paramount to her. Harriet designed her own distinctive suit from purple parachute silk, and it pretty much covered her from head to ankles. While something similar would be overkill today, I thought this struck the right balance between warmth and versatile, fashionable good looks.

Thanks so much for checking in here at fiber chez Voie de Vie. Now, definitely make certain you head on over to Andrea's at Wisdom Begins in Wonder to see how everyone else is spending their time post-holiday.

And do get ready for 2015. OhMyBob, 2015!!!!!!