Saturday, October 16, 2010

Need some light?

There is nothing like the cool wind of fall to energize one’s efforts with an increased sense of urgency. As leaves change color and trees shed their summer greenery, it is time to get busy: in the kitchen, at the desk, in the craft room. We yearn for savory and sweet gourd goodness. Orange, green and gold become the colors du jour.  We want to wrap up in warm woolen textures, thick and inviting.

At the same time, we also know that once we see the other side of Halloween, the energy shift will be in full swing, as we are enveloped in earth’s dark night. Daylight is scarce, fleeting. We, slightly disconcerted, search for light sources. We cozy up to rich, red sparseness.
Some of us, perhaps in a need to feel grounded, also take stock. Have we appropriately exercised our sense of accomplishment? That measurement ultimately is personal, no matter the cultural yardsticks twirling around us.

Here’s to embracing fall’s energy. May the light you find be exactly enough.

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