Wednesday, October 26, 2011

On Food ... and Heroes

In case anyone missed it, Monday was the first annual U.S. Food Day. Created by the Center for Science in the Public Interest, this event was devised to promote a series of healthy eating and social justice issues. 

As anyone who has read this blog for any length of time will know, food is a passion of mine. My eating regime continues to undergo refinement - it's definitely a work-in-progress. So, as a way to celebrate, albeit a little late, I'm leaving all of you with a montage of food and related photos I've taken throughout the past year. I'd love to hear what thoughts the food photos bring up. I think food is a hot-button issue for most people, so hearing your take on this new food awareness day would be very cool.

Finally, I cannot get out of the way of hearing about the life of the late Steve Jobs. No less than three high profile interviews with his biographer have been conducted and published since Sunday - on 60 Minutes, on NPR's Morning Edition and yesterday on Fresh Air.

I must admit, I previously knew little of the details of Steve Jobs' personal life. However, after hearing this series of interviews, I am convinced that Jobs was a modern-day hero, in the Joseph Campbell sense of that word. Imperfect to be certain, but with one of the clearest visions, as well as the will and determination to see that vision come to fruition, I am in no doubt that Jobs' presence in this life will be greatly missed. I know I will miss his impeccable aesthetic sensibility.

Food and heroes. They can be interchangeable, no?

The famous fishmonger of Pike Place Market

Yummy Bon Appetit chocolate chip cookies

Sicilian-inspired appetizers at the Palmento book event
Pumpkin breakfast "pudding" from
my trusty crockpot

The perfect bowl of sugar

Fresh blueberries

The perfect summer bowl of strawberries

Anyone for a little budget tuna
noddle caserole?
Signs of last fall ...
... juxtaposed against signs of this fall. Fiber and candles round out the scene.


  1. May I just say, that pumpkin breakfast pudding looks absolutely delicious. I would eat it. Oh yes I would.

  2. We are all addicted to collecting good pumkin recipes! Wil you share? Love the fall gourds photos from this fall and last. :)

  3. A year in food photos -- yum! I would eat that tuna noodle casserole any day :)