Thursday, December 22, 2011

If It's Not Made By Now ...

... then it might well be Bah! Humbug! time for those last minute gifts.

I hope this Fee-Fi(ber)-F.O. Friday finds each of you in fine, calm spirits. I'm pleased - I got all of the gifts I wanted to complete finished. There might be one or two more I make, but not because anyone is expecting one. I will probably send out a few extra gifts next week ... just because. Why should the presents stop?

While several of my gifts I can't share with you until the recipients receive them, I can share one - my most recent shawl. Made from the Flamenco Flair crocheted shawl pattern (from the Vogue Knitting on the Go! series for crocheted shawls), this was an easy and quick gift, with great bang for the crafting buck. Add in some sunshine for picture taking, and this is the result:

I'm not certain why this shawl doesn't get more play, especially since it's perfect for beginning crochet lace makers. I used up the remaining Misti Alpaca Lace in my stash, and I will definitely get more. I loved this yarn! (Ok, I just love alpaca yarn, what can I say?)

I also have samples of my latest pattern to share with you:

These little jewels for your napkins - Les Bijoux Sur La Table Napkin Rings - can be made in no time flat, and they sparkle and shine something fierce. The pattern is free (consider it another gift from me to everyone) and will be downloadable both from my site here (the patterns page) as well as Ravelry.

I hope everyone checks in with Andrea's blog  ... and I'm wishing each of you great food, good conversation, and an expanding heart of joy this upcoming holiday weekend.


  1. Merry Christmas!
    I love the napkin holders. They are beautiful. The crocheted shawl is too. I am really digging all of the gorgeous crochet projects that have appeared recently. For so long, crochet was all about the old afghan and boring projects but there are so many super sassy projects to pick from now and a few have been written by you (HOORAY!) I am attempting crochet again. We'll see how that goes.

    Wishing you the very merriest of Christmas. Thank you for always sharing your creations each week with Fiber Arts Friday.

  2. Lovely shawl! Best wishes and happy holidays!

  3. That's such a pretty crochet shawl. I'll remember your review of how it's good for beginning lace crocheters. Haven't done that yet.
    Such nice napkin holders. Such a generous heart you have.
    Mele Kalikimaka and Hau 'oli Makahiki hou!

  4. I really do love that delicate color. It looks like seashells to me. I don't think I know the pattern. The napkin rings are very pretty, too!

  5. Both so light and airy. A perfect compliment to the heavy decorations of the season. Thank you for sharing them. I hope you have a wonderful holiday weekend.

  6. What not to love about alpaca yarn :-) Your shawl is beautiful! I would love to see the napkin ring pattern when it comes out. Merry Christmas!

  7. Alpaca..hmm I'll remember that ;-)

  8. Thanks, everyone!

    And @ Vivian: The pattern is both here on my patterns page, as well as in the Ravelry database.

  9. Hmmm, your lovely crochet has me thinking about crocheting lace... it's gotta be less painful than knitting lace. ;-)

    Merry Christmas!

  10. Denise--That 'hint of blush' color in your shawl is gorgeous, and I love the napkin rings! Have a wonderful little 'blog sabbatical' and Happy Holidays!!!