Friday, July 6, 2012

Who Says You Can't Post in the Evening ...

My Circle Love pillow cover, a little
indented on top from carrying it ...
... on Fiber Arts Friday? Especially when the camera gods and the errand gods conspire against you. Nevertheless, here I am, with a finished object no less. Ha! Take that, you gods, you.

Remember I wrote about a circular pillow cover I was making from the Japanense crochet book Star Crochet 2? Well, I'm happy to report it's completed. In fact, it's been done for a few weeks, but I just hadn't gotten around to taking any photos of it. I'm really thrilled with the way it came out. I made a few modifications to the original pattern: (1) made it smaller to fit my 14" diameter pillow form, and (2) made it a real pillow cover by not sewing both sides completely together, but left an open space and added some stash buttons. They button nicely into the stitch pattern of the pillow, so no buttonholes were needed. Very elegant, in an efficient sort of way.

See - five buttons did the trick.

I actually needed to add some filling to my pillow form, which was a little on the flat side. Since the form's cover had a zipper, and I had some polyfil on hand, that made this an easy task.

I am loving my new round pillow. It's sitting on my living room chair, and is very comfy.

I do hope everyone has gotten over to Andrea's blog to check out everyone else's Fee-Fi(ber)-F.O. Friday posts - you know they've been listed there a lot longer than mine this week!

Happy summer everyone (it's finally arrived in the Pacific Northwest - blue skies, high 70s/low 80s, and no rain sight - oh yeah!).


  1. Super job on that pillow! The detailing of the stitches make it interesting. The color white makes it classic, fresh, and clean. And I love how you added the buttoned enclosure which gives the pillow added interest.

  2. Your pillow came out really nicely. Kepanie is right about your choice of white - it works perfectly here. The pearly little buttons were an inspired idea and look like they were meant to be all along.
    Now if only your weather would visit us here in New England! We've been battling the dreaded weather three H's (Hazy, Hot and Humid - Yuck!)

  3. I like the pillow and love the little hearts on the side. I keep thinking about weaving fabric for a couple of pillows. I do like the homemade pillows.

  4. This would be beautiful for a wedding pillow. Nice job!

  5. Elegant and efficient, just perfect! (Look for an orange box arriving some time this week :-))

  6. Love the little buttons! They really do add a touch of elegance and will make it much easier to wash the cover if you need to.