Friday, March 1, 2013

The March Crochet Party Begins ... with a New Pattern!

It is March 1st, and it's definitely roaring in like a crafty lion.
Initially, let me share with you my various shawl beginnings for the crochet JAL (jal = join-a-long) I'm hosting over on Ravelry:

Here's the early progress on my Snowdrop Shawl. I'm pleased with the addition of the subtley variegated darker mohair. (And yes, that's George Bailey in the background.)

My Shell Script is coming along nicely. I am enjoying my yarn combo of wool/silk/bamboo  (the lace) and baby alpaca (the horizontal bands).

And here is the gauge swatch for my Le Bouquet stole. This is another very subtley variegated yarn, which provides an amazingly neutral backdrop for this lovely crochet lace pattern. I've worked out the revised math, and will tuck into this sometime over the weekend.

A snuggling cutie, no?
Finally, I can do a little show and tell for my first new published pattern of the year - it's the adorable Blottir Bébé Snuggler! Taken from the French word for snuggle, it's a quick and easy motif project (and you all know how much I love a good motif). The squares are worked separately and then put together, an edging is added for the tie, and it's topped off with two more motifs that form the foundation for the hood.

For those of you who receive my newsletter (what? you mean you don't? go and sign up for it, like, pronto - you'll find a linky at the top on the right-hand side), this is what I made with the Caron Simply Soft. And considering it's acrylic, it really is soft. It's also easy care, which is great for wee ones ... and their parents.

Look for this in the upcoming spring edition of Crochet! Magazine, due out on newsstands in just about a month - at the beginning of April. However, I expect those with a subscription will get their copy sooner.

Now I do hope you'll head on over to The Wonder Why Gal at Wisdom Begins in Wonder to see how everyone else's March is starting off.

A sneaky peek at the spring Crochet! Magazing cover



  1. That snuggler is oh so cute! What a clever idea using 2 motifs to form the hood. Love your other projects too :)

  2. So excited for you being published in Crochet! Magazine! Yea!!!! That pattern is awesome! What a great combination of ideas!

  3. Fabulous! Love the new pattern. You are getting the month started with a bang. Mine is more of a whimper as I'm mostly just THINKING about crochet. Though I've tripped across a Tunisian CAL that I had planned to participate in and now I've gone searching for my hooks and yarn and am going to begin playing around a bit with it tonight before starting any of my other planned projects. :)

  4. Look at you go! I am always in awe of your knitting and crochet talent. How you do it, I will never know.

    That baby cuddler is absolutely adorable.

  5. The shawl beginnings are all looking great and that baby snuggler is so cute! I think an adult one would be kind of cool, too. :)

  6. The snow drop as my interest, as does the shell script.... what in the world are you doing there? :-)

  7. That is a cute snuggle sack for a baby. Ho'omaka'i on being featured in the mag! Yippee! The snowdrop shawl looks heavenly.