Friday, June 13, 2014

Where Voie de Vie Goes International

Happy Fee-Fi(ber)-F.O. Friday everyone. I have a little exciting news to tell you:

Scialle Pommi and Pearls

See that lovely Italian? My Pommi and Pearls shawl pattern has been translated into Italian. Molto bene! Veruska Sabucco, who writes for this independent Italian website, has kindly translated the pattern. He's actually done quite a bit of translation of many crochet designs on Ravelry, so it was a real pleasure working with him on this project. I've updated my Ravelry design page to reflect the additional language, as well as to accept sales of the pattern in euros. Veruska tells me that crafting is rather seasonal in Italy, with summer being the slowest time of the year. Nevertheless, I just couldn't wait - so there you have it. Grin.

Finally, I leave you with the current fiber on my hooks/needles at the right - this is such a super secret project, even our very own Wonder Why Gal doesn't know what I'm whipping up! However, I had this skein of alpaca/merino/silk awesomeness in my stash, and it's going to go to good use. Just you wait, my little crafty ones.

Now definitely get on over to Andrea's (linky above) and see all the crafty goodness everyone's been up to this week. Have a fibery good weekend.

Update: Just to clarify, I sell all of my patterns to which I retain copyright through Ravelry, as well as other of those selected designs on Craftsy and Kollabora. The ability "to accept sales" in euros reflects my reconfiguration of my Paypal business account.


  1. Congratulacciones! :-)

  2. Squeal! Congratulations! I love the Italtian language. What does that first word mean?

    ooooooh, I'm very intrigued by what you will create with the Wonder. I really do need to get more of that yarn listed in my shop. It isn't doing me any good sitting in tubs waiting for local festivals. Grrrrr

    1. Yes, you should list more of it in the shop, since one of my testers is also currently making something with it. :)

      And scialle is, to the best of my knowledge, the italian word for shawl.

  3. Congratulations!! So very exciting!!