Monday, March 16, 2015

I've Finally Done It!!!!!

Hold on to your sticks and needles, everyone - the day is finally here: Leather, Lace, Grit & Grace is finally published! The electronic version is good to go, and I should (barring any unforeseen delays) get the first books hot from the printer in a few weeks.

I am literally fighting back tears of joy as I write this. A process that I thought would be completed mid-January has taken an additional two months. To those who have purchased the book pre-release, I can only humbly seek your forgiveness.

However, delays aside, I am also SUPREMELY thrilled with the final outcome. To hell with lessons learned (and I've learned a whole lot of them) - I remain completely smitten with all 200 pages of this soft cover awesomeness. The designs are great, the fibers gorgeous, modeling darn perfect, 
Earhart Flying Blanket
62" x 60"
Lion Brand Yarn Wool-ease Chunky in
Nantucket, Silver gray and Fisherman
photography excellent, the stories compelling, and the artwork ... well, I might just be proudest of the artwork (and I'll have more to say about it in a later post).

In the meantime, to celebrate completing this monumental task, I'm sharing the final design which no one has yet seen (except those who already have opened their electronic version of the book), as well as the original artwork for the female pilot who inspired the design. 

Oh Happy Woman's History Month.

Amelia Earhart - Humanity
5" x 7"
Mixed Media on Canvas Board


  1. HOORAY! Congratulations. I am in LOVE with that blanket. It's stunning! Off to Rav to take a peak at the electronic book.

    1. Thanks, and I hope you like it as much as I do. :)

  2. Congratulations! I am stunned that it's 200 pages long. Wow-wee!

    1. Thanks so much! Actually, I'm a little surprised at that myself. :)