Friday, June 5, 2015

Summertime Fun

This absolutely scrumptious handspun alpaca is a dream
to work with. I so love alpaca!
Happy Fee-Fi(ber)-F.O. Friday everyone. I must admit, it's been an up and down week - I was thrilled to announce the winners in the Spring Flingy Thingy giveaway on Monday, but I'm really sad to see the two months of making come to an end. The good thing? Since not everything was completed (and I'm looking at you, my Espresso Cardigan test), I still get some residual fun in June.

While I have no finished objects to show (for the moment), I thought I'd share some of the fiber that's currently on my hooks.
I'm looking forward to showing everyone
what this summer loveliness became.

Additionally, I realized a few days ago that in all the Voie de Vie Spring Flingy Thingy information and goings-on, I actually failed to post the final art blog installment in my local yarn shop tour from last year. Even though our local tour for this year is over (for a few weeks now), it's the LYS tour/hop season for many, so this is still current. For anyone who missed the earlier installments, Day 1 is hereDay 2 is here, and Day 3 is here. Again, these art diary entries are from the largest local LYS tour in the Puget Sound from 2014. I thoroughly enjoyed creating these art diaries.

I hope everyone has a great, fiber-filled weekend. And enjoy the sunshine if you get some.