Thursday, September 3, 2015

Continuing Thoughts on Fiber

Still life of  my current Gradient Flower Cowl.
Hello everyone - it's a day before the last big blowout weekend of the summer here in the U.S. Is everyone ready to get their grill on one more time? Who is actually ready for autumn to arrive?!!!!

As you know, this past Tuesday was the official start of my hosting the Gradient Flower Cowl over on Ravelry. There's been a lot of lookers in the first few days, but only a few have taken the plunge. I hope you'll look in your stash of awesome scraps, find some colors in one weight of yarn that appeals to you, and join us!

I have been absolutely enjoying working up my two versions (which yarn I blogged about here). Want to see some progress? Here's the first row of my version done in Lion Brand Amazing (the same fiber as the sample for the magazine, but in different colors). This is an aran weight yarn and I'm using a size J/6.00 mm hook. I've increased the amount of motifs by two so I'll have a slightly wider cowl (and I'll use up more scraps in the process).

I'm also really, really far along on my fingering weight version. I've switched up the palette just slightly (omitting most of the mid-blue tones), so it will be mostly creams, grays and orange/red/browns. I'm not going to show you my progress on that one just yet, but let me tell you, I pretty much couldn't put it down yesterday.

It did get me to thinking about other potential fiber choices. I note that I originally swatched with both chunky and worsted weight yarns that were plied but both were, at least to me, too heavy. I opted for the Amazing because of it's lovely brushed quality - it's an aran weight fiber without the heaviness. So any fiber rated by the CYCA (Craft Yarn Council of America) size 4 or above might work if it's light in weight - a roving type yarn, perhaps, or any fiber whose construction is airblown (such as this) or (my personal favorite) any weight of mohair. At the right is a peek at some fingering weight mohair I have in stash that would make a beautifully airy yet warm Gradient Flower Cowl in some of my favorite colors.

This is the Labor Day weekend here in the U.S. and I wish everyone who has the weekend to themselves a wonderfully relaxing time doing exactly as they choose. I give a special shout out to all those who are gearing up for the beginning of school next week - yes, the hazy, lazy days of summer are done. Where did it go?


  1. Happy Labor Day to You too, Denise! I enjoyed all the fiber facts you shared here today.

    1. Thanks so much, Gwen. I'm eyeing my stash for your CAL. More later. :)