Thursday, November 3, 2016

Wardrobes are Better For It

So, it is the beginning of November - my favorite month! First, however, I really do need to say thank you to all the participants in my Wardrobe Weather-a-long, which ended on Monday. 

To the left is a visual recap of only some of the amazing and wonderful projects completed. Scarves, cowls, ponchos, sweaters and a few awesome hats were prominently represented in the mix. I managed to complete a poncho, cowl, and skirt for my own wardrobe enhancement (and I'm working to complete a hoodie which didn't make it before the deadline). I am totally blown away by just how well each of these projects turned out - excellent yarn and color choices, and the pieces really suit the makers. I have already worn my new projects, and I hope the above projects are worn well and often. For a designer, it doesn't get much better than that!

So now we turn to November - the month of U.S. Thanksgiving and the start of the Indie Designer Gift-a-long - that mass (and massive) gift-making and indie-designer-celebrating-palooza. We are working behind the scenes setting things up right now on Ravelry for the November 22nd start. I will be a participating designer again this year, as well as a member of the Pinterest pinning team and a co-moderator in one of the making groups. I hope everyone will join us in supporting independent designers by purchasing designs, and celebrating the season by making something - for yourself, for family and friends, and/or for charity. I received an early yarny holiday gift from my favorite indie dyer, Neighborhood Fiber Co. Get a load of all that graffiti goodness! I am not certain what I will make with all of this, but some of it might find its way into a project during the Indie GAL. However, I know I have at least one shawl on deck that I'll gift to a family member. I purchased the pattern a few GALs ago and I have the yarn set aside all ready to go. 

It's bountiful right now around chez Voie de Vie. 


  1. Already making some gifts! To start, your Gabrielle necklace. Love that the community can remotely crochet together with CALs. Thanks for hosting a great series :)

    1. I cannot believe it is time for gift-making once again! You are good to get a jump-start on things. I must wait until the official kick-off date. :)

      And you are very welcome on the a-longs- it was such a fun way to celebrate this year!