Friday, December 23, 2016

A Little Holiday Update

This Lush Looped Scarf was
gifted earlier in the week.
Hello holiday makers - it is the day before Christmas Eve, and I hope that everything that needs to be made by Sunday is done (or at least drying!). 

It has been a busy 2016 Independent Designer Gift-a-long for me. I have made a few things: one of which I have already gifted, another that, while I have "broken it in," I expect I will gift it as well in a package I am getting ready to send out next week. I have three other projects in various stages that will be complete in a few days, only one of which I am making for me. My pile o' works-in-progress reveals my current blue and brown preoccupation.  I suppose I should be
I have broken in this Cowl a Go Go,
but I expect it will find its way into
the gift package I send out next week. 
more specific - it's more an earthy vibe, since I am also still in a green phase, and I am loving all neutrals a lot.

That above is the beginnings of a
cowl, about 1/3 of the way through
a shawl, and a second shawl that is
done and ready for blocking.
In addition to all of this gifting stuff, I also completed a special shop sample which I have sent off and it has been received - in England!
There's my Etched Ice
sample at Baa Ram Ewe
I am so thrilled that a sample of my Etched Ice Cowl is now sitting on display at Baa Ram Ewe headquarters. Back in October, they sent me two skeins of the awesome Titus in the wonderful bishopthorpe colorway and I worked up large version of the cowl and shipped it back to them. Jess at the store was kind enough to snap a quick photo, so below is what it looks like in the shop right this very moment. I wish I could pop on over for a quick visit to see it, as well as the rest of the wonderful yarny goodness at Baa Ram Ewe. Feel free to check out my Ravelry project page for an additional photo, as well as yardage and other project information, in clase you might want to whip up an Etched Ice of your very own.

I leave you with the sparkle and green of the season.


  1. I seem to be a week behind on your posts. :-P

    Merry Christmas. I hope everything was finished on time.

    I love the cowl on the left... and congratulations on your British shop sample... the photo is great!

    1. Lol - no problem, since I seem to be behind on responses. :)

      Everything was completed and sent out ... maybe not exactly on time, but close enough for me to consider them timely! And that cowl on the left is so easy-peasy and quick, you should definitely try it. It's the Cowl A Go Go on Ravelry from 80skeins.