Saturday, January 28, 2017

Finally - My First New Publication of 2017!

Well folks, this publication has been 6 months in the making, and finally I can announce that the entire A La Maison 2 collection is finally released! I am beyond breathing a sigh of relief; there is definitely a wee bit of champagne in my immediate future.

I wanted to get all of these designs out in early fall 2016, but then real life intervened, first in late summer/early fall with a series of work issues that required immediate and full attention, to be quickly followed by the 2016 Indie Gift-a-long event, which really does just devour all free time. Throw in a living space move, and you have a recipe for design self-publishing interrupted.

However, this e-book is done now, and I am mighty darn pleased with my publishing self. Fourteen accessory designs for home and self for the modern maker in both knit and crochet (although predominantly crochet, in the interests of full disclosure). All of the designs are available for individual purchase, or one can immediately download the entire collection via e-book at the link above. The e-book has a few additions that one won't have access to from any individual design purchase: I have included a bag lining technique section which was, in pertinent part, published initially by in June, 2015. Additionally, to reflect and underscore the interconnected nature of this collection, I have also included a significant materials list at the beginning of the e-book. Much like a grocery shopping list, makers can simply take the materials list with them when they make their various supply runs if they should decide to make one or several of these designs for themselves or their spaces.

Finally, this is the first publication of mine that has charts for almost all of the designs (with the notable exception of those few designs originally published by third-party publishers that did not require an initial chart). I have been creating charts for many of my published patterns over the last few years, but it has, admittedly, been hit and miss. Not anymore! Since crochet has very limited charting software resources (there is one product out there, but with rather crappy functionality), many crochet designers develop their own symbols and methods of manipulating those symbols. I am no different, and I am feeling fairly comfortable with the system I have devised, so my days of not working up a chart for any design are officially numbered at zero.

Do feel free to click on the look-book below for a view of A La Maison 2. I hope you enjoy. I am off to pop that champagne cork.


  1. Congrats! Looks great!!! That cardigan looks great and in the yarn you used...I can imagine how cozy.

    1. Thanks so much! Can you get Drops in Australia? I think/hope so ... they seem to have world-wide distribution.