Sunday, June 25, 2017

Thank You, Patty Jenkins

Dear Ms. Jenkins:

I have, this weekend, gone to the theater and viewed the Wonder Woman movie, in 3D no less (my first 3D movie experience). I am not one to write public letters to Hollywood directors (because, hey, who am I?), but I must thank you from the bottom of my feminine, mythology-loving heart for creating a superhero movie that finally speaks to me, on so many levels and in so many ways.

I am looking way beyond the obvious elements that many critics have cited: Gal Godot in the lead role, looking so comfortable in a Wonder Woman costume that she wears effortlessly, and not the other way around. Or to the natural chemistry between her character and that of Chris Pine. Or the lush world of Themyscira devoid of cliched Greek elements. Or the rounded, feminine edges to this movie, despite great fight scenes (and the first one on the island remains emblazoned in my mind's eye), or the fact that the movie has earned more than $600 million world-wide in the four weeks since its release - breaking so many box office records.

Here are the things that have stayed with me: an inspired casting choice of Robin Wright as Antiope (I had not looked up any cast information prior to my viewing, so I was thrilled to see her in the first scenes in the movie). The Queen of Themyscira relating a well-developed origin story to a young Diana, complete with the child's formation from clay (which taps into such a rich mythological creation tradition. My Ganesha comic book from India was instantly and happily invoked.) An early 20th century female clothes shopping scene that would make any fashion history major or sociologist happy. I hope that at least a few of my former design school students were invoking their own papers written in one of my several courses discussing fashion during the Victorian era as a limiting, feminist straight jacket. Or, finally, the battle scene where the Wonder Woman character fully comes into her own, and she is single-handedly deflecting bullets and bombs from all sides, while simultaneously absorbing the heat and hate of a war front and paving the way for her male companions to get out on the battle field and support her efforts. The metaphor is so incredibly timely it almost brought me to tears.

While I do wish the ending fight scenes would have been formulated differently, and the writing not quite so heavy-handed and obvious, you are forgiven those thirty film minutes, for they are supported by the first almost 111 minutes of stellar celluloid. Wonder Woman's hero journey has all the right elements - what a gift!

I cannot state with enough emphasis how this movie's female lead and message are timed perfectly. It is exactly what we all need to see and hear. As someone who grew up watching and totally enjoying the Lynda Carter-led Woman Woman television series, this movie is a must-see that will not disappoint. More importantly, given the events that have occurred since the beginning of this year, the future is feminine, and this movie speaks to that future so eloquently. I hope everyone will run, not walk, to view it. 

Thank you, thank you, thank you.


  1. Yes, it was a great movie! Plenty of tongue-in-cheek jabs at the patriarchy and anti-feminists too :)

    1. Absolutely! This is the first movie in a long time that I actually want to see again in the theater. :)