Friday, November 5, 2010

Anatomy of Blanket-Making

1.  Find a blanket you want to make – in this instance, I chose the Mod-on-Mod blanket from one of my favorite books – Lisa Shobhana Mason's Yarnplay.

2.  Purchase yarn. And purchase. And purchase. And purchase. Which I did, since I decided to double the size of the original, in order to fit my bed.

3. Start making square motifs. And make motifs. And make motifs. And make motifs. I did for about three months. Fortunately, not every day.

4. After finishing the blanket pieces, pile them up and behold the leaning tower. Also focus on color, because it will be important once you start putting the blanket together.

5. Lay out motifs on floor in an order that pleases you. Then, repile your motifs (on, say, the kitchen counter) in that pleasant order, remembering your ordering system. This is very important.  Ask me how I know.

6.Decide on your method of attaching the squares. I avoid sewing at all possible costs, so the single crochet method was my preference. Besides, it added an additional textural note. 

7. Put squares together, and then, if desired, create a border for your blanket. I desired. I slip stitched four rows around this behemoth. It added a clean finishing touch, and used up most of my remaining yarn.

8. Finally, put it on your bed (or wherever else you plan to use your blanket), let your pet conduct quality control, then enjoy. My blanket received the George Bailey paw of approval.

9. and 10. If you're truly feeling the matchy-match love (like I did), go ahead and craft a co-
ordinating pillow.

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  1. How pretty! One of these days I will have the patience to do a motif inspired afghan :-)