Friday, November 16, 2012

Fiber Potpourri Friday

Hello everyone - it's been a busy week here at chez Voie de Vie. I've got lots to blog about, so let's get right down to it.

Initially, I have a new published pattern to report - the L'Hiver Slouchy Hat! I seem to be on a small hat jag - this perfectly decadent, slouchy hat is published by Premier Yarns and uses their Alpaca Dance yarn. The yarn is soft, has a halo, and comes in a field full of colors; I used dusty green for these samples. I write "samples" because there's a coordinating scarf that Premier has photographed but for which it hasn't quite yet managed to post the pattern (but it's coming).

Both of these accessories combine tunisian crochet ribbing (the "other" 2 x 2 ribbing) + traditional crochet lace. The hat also has directions for a big, lush pom-pom, although the pom-pom has managed to escape making it to a photograph. I'll see if I can't rectify that next week. Everyone can download the free pattern at the Premier site (linky above).

If you'd like to win a skein of Premier's Alpaca Dance, I've got three to give away - each skein has plenty of yardage for a wonderfully slouchy hat, or two, even. Just leave a comment here (and feel free to let me know how you feel about the scarf, too!) and I'll pick three random winners next Monday.

Now, on to my NaKniSweMo sweater - it's the middle of the month and I'm at the point where my Sera (top-down construction) is ready to have the armholes attached at the bottom. This photo is from earlier in the week. I am loving this color. A lot.

There's almost no finishing to this sweater, which is a plus because I'm going to go down to the wire in terms of getting it completed by the end of the month. Just don't forget - I'm determined. :)

Speaking of -alongs, if any of you crocheters are interested in getting your ripple on ... the Underground Crafter has been hosting a Ripple CAL since mid-October. It runs through almost the end of November and there are instructions on various different ripple techniques (yes, there are several in case you didn't know); the CAL boasts some great prizes at the end for anyone who posts a qualifying FO/UFO photograph. Quite frankly, the Lion Brand Amazing yarn prize would be motivation enough for moi - I love that Amazing yarn. You can check out all the CAL information at this Underground Crafter blog post or just head directly on over to the Ravelry Underground Crafter group ripple CAL thread. Get your ripple on, people.

Finally, and in honor of U.S. Thanksgiving next week (next week! eek!) - I leave you with a photo of the results of my most recent America's Test Kitchen  recipe test - braised red potatoes. While I think this recipe needs a few more tweaks before it's ready for prime-time cooks, the test kitchen is definitely on the right track. With the appropriate braising liquid and ingredients, who knew red potatoes had so much natural sweetness? And yes, that's a burger next to the potatoes, with some carmelized onions. And yes, it was good.

Now don't forget to head on over to the the WonderWhyGal's blog to get the rest of your weekly fibery fix. Have a great Thanksgiving - I'll be making a turkey and checking out the dog show - go bernese mountain dog!


  1. What a great accessory set! I've been wanting to try tunisian crochet - this might be just the pattern to try it with.

  2. That sweater looks really interesting, and I love the color you chose :-)

  3. Love the hat. I seriously need to get someone local to help me with crocheting. Looking forward to seeing the sweater progress.

  4. Mmm, that looks yummy. What a beautiful Bordeaux color for your sweater. It's so rich and festive for the holidays.
    I like a good, slouch! Gonna pin your pic from this post onto my board. I already have a skein of Alpaca Dance (free from when I had attended Deborah Norville's lecture at VKLive, LA)so I won't enter your giveaway.

  5. Thanks for sharing the link to my CAL :). I love red potatoes! Congratulations on the new patterns and I'm loving the color of your sweater, too!

  6. I love the hat and scarf. Great patterns with some nice yarn! I love the color you chose too! :-)

  7. I love looking at cute hats. I still have to find the one that will actually look cute on my bowling-ball head!

  8. The slouchy hat is gorgeous, I love it when you combine Tunisian crochet with normal crochet, the balance seems to be just right! And the scarf compliments the hat perfectly! Love love the colour of your sweater, so yummy! And talk about something yummy, I want the recipe of those braised potatoes :D

  9. One can never go wrong with burger and red potatoes, at least not in my house. and I want the recipe of the braised potatoes too.

  10. Denise--The hat is beautiful...and the red of your newest project is sooo luscious!
    I bought either America's Test Kitchen 'complete' or 'baking' cookbook last year for practically everyone on my list (and kept one of each for myself, bien sur!), so I'll have to look for that recipe. Thanks for the tip!! XXO-

  11. I agree, Tunisian Crochet looks like fun to learn.

    I love that red yarn, and am having a hard time seeing how that will become a sweater in about 2 weeks. I was thinking it was a mat for a picture frame. ;-)

    I forgot about your America's Test Kitchen testing... I should see about signing up for that. I love them. :-)

    I will be joining you for the National Dog Show... in fact I was watching some Westminster video just the other day. I love the Berners, but of course have a soft spot for the Tibetan Mastiffs. ;-)

    Happy Thanksgiving.

    1. Ok Kathryn Ray - it's top down construction. Think about putting your head inside the "picture frame" and the two short sides of the rectangle (which are now slightly longer) being joined at the corners to create the armholes.

      Make sense now?

  12. Hi Denise, I have found your lovely blog via Ravelry - I have had a quick look around and I will be back! That is a lovely giveaway! And the hat and scarf are lovely - Yvonne xx