Saturday, January 29, 2011

Fashion Reflection

Well, I've finally developed my film and had a chance to otherwise process the four days spent in New York for VK Live. Here are my highlights:

1. The Gallery: I was scheduled to help out in the Gallery as part of my volunteer duties during the Market Preview Friday evening. I must say it was one of the highlights of my weekend. Let me give a huge shout-out to the five artists that made those two hours just fly by lickity-split: Ben Cuevas, Alyssa Ettinger, Anna HrackovecRuth Marshall and Hannah Haworth. Each artist brought something unique to the gallery, but far and away the most impressive was the oversized beluga whale likeness hanging from the ceiling. Hannah knit it from roving and other thick types of fiber, and it presided over the Market like a giant knit blimp, only way cooler.

2. My fellow volunteers: What a standout group of individuals! From our introductory meeting on Thursday (when I was bleary-eyed from my overnight flight to the Big Apple), we were friendly and helpful to and with each other. Nothing more to say but thanks for a great volunteer experience.

3. The designeratti and editorial mavens: I could ask for nothing better than to see Doris Chan striding through registration, sun glasses on, hair waving behind her. Or providing an identification badge to Melanie Falick on Saturday. Or having a really fun conversation with one half of Mason Dixon Knitting. Or not letting Cirilia Rose slip through the registration area unnoticed. Or seeing Franklin Habit conducting an impromptu discussion with participants. Or watching Vickie Howell teach the knit basics at the Beginners' Bar. Each of these individuals, as well as the rest of their milieu, was genuinely kind and giving of their time and good nature during the entire event. Whoooah! And we won't even discuss the transfer of all that knowledge.

4.  The Magic of Mohair: Indeed! As a lover of what some might consider "the devil's fiber," I was thrilled to see it everywhere. It was a mohair celebration, and I was right on time, wearing my own mohair and mohair blend FOs. The South African Mohair representative and I had a nice chat about the country (I've lived there, briefly, in 2000), and she even took a photo of my shawl (my self-designed Rustic Elegance shawl, no less!). How is it? It's mohair, baby. More whooooah.

5. The attendees: There were approximately 3,000 pre-registered for the event, and another few thousand registered for Market entrance during the event. It could have been a long, nasty weekend. But no. Most were willing to help their fellow fiber enthusiasts (unless they were within eyesight of a yarn sale bin), and class participation was just, well, enjoyable.

6. Finally, New York, herself: Yes, it was cold. Yes, it did snow. But New York in the snow (before the slush kicks in) is magical. I couldn't wait to get out of my hotel room on Friday morning to take photos. I'm only sorry I didn't have enough time to quickly get to Central Park during the morning prime time snow photo-snapping window. 

Were there hotel logistical issues and snafus? Absolutely. Are there things I would have liked to see go differently? You bet. At the end of the day, however, the first VK Live event was a success. I will eagerly await the preview for the next event.

I've set up a separate page for my photo show of the event (4/5/11 update: the slide show of my photos can now be viewed on the Photography page). Please enjoy one person's view of the weekend, and I'd love to hear your thoughts, so please feel free to leave a comment either here, or on the photo page.

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  1. Just watched the slideshow from the VK LIve weekend. I wanna go to the next one!! Thanks for doing this post about your experiences, you really inspire me to start saving for the next one!