Thursday, July 7, 2011

A Confluence of Yellow

I don't paint with yellow all that often ...
Don't ask me why, but I am not a big fan of yellow - you know, the bright neon yellow, the yellow with the silver undertone that rounds the corner five minutes before you do. The orange side of yellow is fine, wonderful even.

The Tour de France annual bicycle race extravaganza is happening now. It started on the second of the month, and runs through the 24th when the cyclicts make their grand entrance along the Champs-Elysees. Many of them either in yellow, or looking to win le maillot jaune (yes, the yellow jersey). 

I like bicycles. I like bicyclists. I love the Tour de France. But I don't really like yellow.

I'm attempting to get through two shawls in progress, a tote, and my Dianna shawl. So while the cyclists race it out for the yellow on the course, I'll be crafting for my own yellow (and polka dot) jerseys, of sorts. Go figure. 

But I still don't really like yellow. Really.

Check back with Andrea's blog on this Fiber Arts Friday. Maybe others are working with yellow. Then again, maybe not.

Now this orange ... ah, love the power of orange!


  1. oooooh, I love the power of orange. That yarn is yummy.

  2. That orange yarn looks so amazing. I can almost smell the citrus!
    I like the yellow you used. It's not glaring nor pukey. It's soft and nice.

  3. Pretty color, can't wait to see what you work up with it!

  4. Eh yellow is not one of my favorites either. I'm a purple girl. Love the orange, that is a power color!

  5. That's a great orange! Happy FAF!

  6. I don't usually like orange yarn, but yours is so pretty! and beautiful pictures as always. Happy Friday!

  7. Love the orange but must admit I also love a wonderful rich, creamy yellow too.

    Happy Fiber Arts Friday!!

  8. Fabulous orange yarn!

    My car is yellow ... a New Beetle VW Convertible. The color is called Mellow Yellow. You might like that yellow! It's subtle and soothing.

  9. I'm with you there. I don't really like searing acid yellows, but golden / orangey yellows I like! (Can't wear any yellows near my face, so not much knitting in yellow around here.)

  10. I am going to dye some fiber yellow this week, just to see if I can start to like yellow better. I don't like orange much either... I suspect it's because I look sickly in clothes that are yellow or orange, which is a funny reason to ignore so many pretty things :-)

    I love your painting -- the purple flowers work beautifully against that yellow background.

  11. You're so funny. :-D

    I do think yellow has it's place, but they are few and far between.