Saturday, February 25, 2012

On Peacocks Natural

It's day two here at chez Voie de Vie of the Blog Hub Swap. In case you missed day 1 (for me, it was yesterday), it's a swap wherein participants create boxes with seven different items, send them to another swapper, and the recipient blogs about the contents for a week.

Since I could open my packages in any order I pleased (except for the one at the end), I pulled out the next package my hand came to in the Royal Mail pouch. Et voila! it was this:

I love stationery and notebooks, so this is a perfect little set for me. Here's a closer inspection of the notebook cover. The pattern is, aptly enough, entitled "peacocks natural."

The set also includes a pen, pencil, ruler and eraser all with the same pattern.The notebook is small enough for me to carry around, and I can stick the pen into the wire binding so I won't lose it at the bottom of my bag.

Since I'm always coming up with new design possibilites, having a notebook with me all the time is pretty much a requirement. Tanya, thanks for the inspiration book. 

And, finally, see this box:

A lovely box, no? Well, it's now winging its way toward its intended Blog Hub swappee. Oh yeah.

Check back tomorrow to see what next emerges from the Royal Mail pouch.


  1. I do like your pretty stationery; and that's such a tantalizing photo of your box ! :-)

  2. Is it hoping too much that you might have me as your swap sister? I have yet to recieve a box..... hmmmmmm. Fingers crossed.

    1. Sorry, Erin ... you'll just have to wait to find out. :)

  3. Cute set! Can't wait to see what comes to hand next!

  4. I'm pleased you like it and will find it useful. I too anticipate what you will open next! :0)

  5. A notebook is always handy as is a pen. I love fresh paper.