Tuesday, May 22, 2012

More Publishing Stuff

This all-Noro pattern book will be getting
some company in my physical library very soon
It seems I can't get out of the way of news regarding new fiber publications. Have you heard the venerable Noro line of yarns is publishing it's own hand knit and crochet magazine? Hang on to your color hats, everyone - the first edition of Noro Magazine is due to be released into the colorful, yarny wild this June. A preview of many of the patterns in the first edition can be viewed - and wait until you see the gems for the making.

While the bulk of patterns in this first edition are knit, there are a few crochet pieces - Yoko Hatta's crocheted slippers, done in Kureyon, should be a big hit (and I don't do socks and slippers!). No doubt for me, the star is the gorgeous use of color and texture throughout the magazine. It is eye-poppingly wonderful. You just want to reach out and touch all of the garments and accessories.

And Noro is slated to publish an all-crochet edition in the fall. Oh yeah.

You know this magazine will make it to my physical library. I'm already rearranging space in my mind as I write this.

What are your favorites? And how many of you already have the Noro in stash to get started? Definitely let me know in the comments below.

UPDATED 5/23/12: A correction above: the crochet book being published in the fall is not affiliated with Noro Magazine, but a Sixth & Spring publication, which can be preordered.


  1. I have a real love/hate relationship with Noro yarns. It's twisty and kinky and a lot of it is itchy and it gives new meaning to the term thick/thin yarn. It just doesn't feel like quality yarn when I'm using it, but I'm still a sucker for the colors. That all crochet edition does sound tempting.

  2. Another Noro fan here. I'm drawn to yarns with vivid and interesting colors and I love Jane Ellison's designs so I will be looking for this new Noro magazine - have several Noro yarns in stash and ready to go!