Friday, May 18, 2012

It's a Good Time To Be a Crafter

Despite our tough economic times (or perhaps because of them), there has never been a better time to be a crafter. There is a wealth of craft information, resources, and quality materials - I have never known a better time to source all of the excellent yarns readily available today. The same goes for books and patterns - such a wide range of styles and techniques, and with the advent of e-publishing, more ways than ever to get your crafty fix. It definitely warms the cockles of my designing heart.

Along those lines, I thought I'd fill you in on two new publications in the works. I note that while I currently have no contributions slated to be published in either work, I won't deny that might change! Nevertheless, both are worth a look because they will be taking approaches I (and believe many other designers and artisans) value - fresh and interdisciplinary.

First up is the newest effort from Cooperative Press, Knit Edge Magazine. Here is how Shannon Okey, CP's founder/owner/gal-who-does-everything recently described it:

     "I kept getting a lot of feedback after my last editorial gig that readers really missed the in-depth articles, the super-meaty good stuff I liked to publish. Articles about art knitting. About historical stuff. You know -- not another 'hey look it’s [insert something you’ve seen 800 times before]!' And since CP has a lot of books like that, or in the works, well…it all started to resolve itself into a clearer picture of what needed to be done. ... There will be patterns, but it won’t be a pattern-oriented magazine. If I had to compare it to existing or previous mags I would say it’s more FiberArts or Yarn Market News, and less Interweave Knits or VK."

Knit Edge Magazine will be an e-publication with, potentially, a print end-of-year best-of edition. I must admit, I'm not so certain about the Yarn Market News connection, since YMN (from the same people that bring you VK) is a publication geared to yarn shops owners, is not readily available to most of the general public, and is very narrow in focus. Despite those caveats, Knit Edge Magazine should have the distinctive CP fresh look and feel. Look for it, I think, sometime this fall.

Additionally, Genet Quarterly is the newest vision from Hannah Thiessen - who's currently in Uruguay finishing up the latest Malabrigo pattern book. From her Kickstarter page, here's Hannah's description:

     Genet Quarterly is an "inspirational" -- a devotional for crafty and creative folk who love seeking out and learning about different topics that help them keep inspired while creating. Each issue focuses on a carefully selected topic and visually explores subject matter related or connected to that topic through fashion, textiles, home decor, and artisan handiwork. In addition, the topic is explored through insightful articles written by knowledgeable crafters and researchers.

The first edition, which will be available as a free pdf download, is scheduled for a September publication. I'm certain Hannah would greatly appreciate any funding you'd like to add to her Kickstarter.

It's going to be a great fall for craft. I can't wait.

Don't forget to get over to Andrea's blog and see what everyone else is excited about. Have a great, crafty, weekend!


  1. I'll have to keep them on my radar. I'm starting to get into E-Mags more. I just can't justify buying a hard copy that will sit and collect dust. I like reading from the puter then printing what I feel is truly pertinent. Reduce/Reuse/Recycle I'm trying.

  2. Here's a funny thing... the owner/founder/girl-who-does-everything at Cooperative Press is a friend of my cousin who is a brilliant textile designer herself. My cousin has been telling me to watch CP for a while. It would be quite serendipitous if you knew her. :-)

    1. Well, while we've never met, Shannon and I have definitely had lots of email correspondence in the last 7 or 8 months, since three of my designs will be published in CP books later this year. :)

  3. Exciting....thanks for the heads up on this new publication. Crafting of all sorts has always been a part of by daily life. Some of my family think I'm nuts but I like to think I'm the sane one.

  4. This is a good time for crafters indeed! I do miss the in-depth articles knitting magazines used to have, now they just count the number of patterns and there is hardly any technique. Will look forward to the new publications!

  5. It is a great time to be a crafter and there is so much to see and learn from various sites on the internet. Will look forward to seeing Knit Edge.

  6. Reading about the new magazines I kept getting distracted by that cool circle fabric in the photo above. Whatcha gonna make?

  7. Great information! Thanks so much for sharing it. I too miss the old articles that leisurely took you through a subject. Seems that everything now has to fit in a FB post or tweet. I love taking my time browsing through things...even the posts to Fiber Arts Friday. Have a great week.