Friday, June 1, 2012

Another Year Comes To An End

What you say? Another year? But it's only June 1st!

Well ... it's the start of another year for a Ravelry chal- lenge group of which I've been a part (including modding this past year) - 52 projects in 52 weeks. The challenge year runs June 1 - May 31, so we've just completed our challenge for 2011-2012. The goal: to have no more than 4 works in play at any one time, and to continue to complete something every week.

While I haven't been too faithful in only having four things on the needles/hooks at one time, or in getting at least one project done a week, I have nevertheless been very productive this past year. I did manage to complete 35 projects (that I can talk about!), including several firsts:

* several self-published pattern releases,
* several patterns published by others,
* my first completed shrug,
* my first completed top-down crocheted cardigan, and
* I made my very own yarn swift!

I also managed to complete 10 of my 35 projects from stash, and lots from publications I own, which continues to be a personal goal.

There is no doubt that last year's big highlight was having my La Poetique beret and infinity scarf included in the Premier Yarns fashion show at VK Live in Los Angeles. As the days get longer and the summer solstice is almost upon us, the longest day definitely inspires me as much as the shortest one in December; this year in particular because there's still so much to look forward to and new challenges to tackle.

It's also intriguing to look at the lion's share of last year's projects in mosaic. What an array of textures and materials and project types - although the colors are not quite so varied. I do love my reds, creams and greens. I am surprised at my lack of black and brown - those two colors were once such a staple in my wardrobe. Not anymore, it seems.

I hope you'll check in over at Andrea's blog to see what's inspiring everyone else, and do feel free to leave me a comment and let me know how your projects are stacking up so far this year.

And have a great first weekend in June!


  1. Look at all of those beautiful projects together. I recognize a lot of my beautiful Alpaca yarn in the mix too. Squeal! 35 is a very impressive number added to the fact that you have patterns written and showcased. Great job.

  2. Wowee, you put in a lot of work there, lady! Great looking projects.

  3. This is so neat and impressive. Aside from monsters, I think I completed 1 project this year. I need to remedy that.

  4. Holy cow! That's a lot of stuff done. Blogging has really encouraged me to finish my stuff as much as it has encouraged me to start new projects and explore new techniques.

  5. That's a lot of finished projects, and many very admirable firsts! It's hard to work with black or brown, besides being boring, the stitches don't show that well, especially in dim light.

  6. That's a lot of finished items! I love the varied colors you have. So much more fun to work on than brown an black.

  7. Very nice! Love how you put them all in the mosiac picture.
    Kudos for hanging in there.

  8. Fantastic mosaic of FO's - you've achieved so much! It must feel great :)
    I'm loving that semi-circular shawl in your picture, it's gorgeous! And your swift is super cool :) Congratulations on all your pattern designing too - very inspiring!

  9. I'd say you had a fabulous 52 weeks. You accomplished a lot!!

  10. Your post is inspiring (and nicely written by the way! - as are the rest of the posts I scrolled throguh). I struggle to finish things. Excellent at starting them though. I'm curious if this group is continuing and if it might me a place for me. I'm going to check it out. And nicely done on all you accomplished. You should be very proud!

  11. Your ambition truly is amazing. I did give LittleDog a scrap and I think he enjoyed it. How he tasted it is beyond me though as fast as it disappeared.

  12. I think I'm apart of that group lol however, I haven't been dedicated in participating. I like groups for the inspiration aspect.

    I think mosaics are nice with personal finished projects. It just makes you feel like you've accomplished quite a bit (and plus some!)!

  13. Wow, I can't even imagine attempting to finish one project a week for 52 weeks. 35 is super impressive! ...and so many awesome firsts. Congratulations on a awesome year, my friend.

  14. You did so well this year! What a challenge to embark upon now. That certainly puts a fire under one's needles/hooks, yeah? I can't wait to read about your journey.