Monday, June 4, 2012

A Little Film Gris

If you get the opportunity, I'd definitely recommend you rent Le Deuxième Souffle. Translated as "second wind," it's really a study of someone on his last leg. This film is filled with atmosphere, great French scenery, and very cool 60s clothing and cars. Even though it clocks in at 2 hours, 24 minutes, I was hooked from the minimalistic, opening sequence. It's billed as a gangster film, but the violence is (a) not so much, and (b) not the real focus. Director Jean-Pierre Melville (one of the most well-known of French film directors) explores the process leading up to and immediately following the actions of Gu, the protagonist. In the end, a game of petanque leads to Gu's undoing.

Watch this example of film gris and decide for yourself.


It's appropriate on this British Jubilee weekend that American audiences got to watch royalty of a different sort last evening - portions of Adele's concert taped at the Royal Albert Hall. Visit NBC's web page to read its blurb - but grab a video of it. Simply fantastic.


  1. So this is in French? Because I find that I can no longer see the TV well enough to read subtitles. We don't have one of those monster big screen things and I really don't want one, except for the rare occasion when I need to read the screen. Then I sort of wish we had one.

  2. lol - yes, it's in French and subtitled. :)