Friday, December 14, 2012

Giftmaking on-the-Go and Rendezvousing Sweater Parts

Happy Fee-Fi(ber)-F.O. Friday my friendly fiberistas (now say that three times quickly). We are in the thick of gift-making here at chez Voie de Vie. I am happy to report decent progress on my red laceweight shawl:

I'm about one-third of the way completed with the main body, and it's coming along nicely. This lace stitch is going to block wonderfully, just you wait. This is the remainder of the Drops laceweight from my Rouge Que Sera Sera sweater, and these two hanks of laceweight have done me proud.

On Skappel sweater news: I am very happy to report that the insanely wide and boxy front and back have rendezvous'd at the shoulders in a most lovely three-needle bind-off:

Blocking: such an elegant affair.

If you've never done a three-needle bind-off, I'd highly recommend doing one. It's very easy and produces an incredibly neat and almost invisible seam. These photos were taken with the wrong side of the fabric facing the camera. I'll have better shots of the shoulders once I've completed the sweater, and I'll dare you to spot the seam absent my prompts.

Isn't that one, neat seam?

Finally, I received a most unexpected Christmas present from Heather over at Wool love-functional fiber art. She made me a quick, reversible felt cowl using some of the Premier Alpaca Dance yarn she won from me:

The cowl is green on one side, purple on the other, and the yarn makes waves in opposite directions on either side. Clever and very nicely done - thanks Heather!

Now don't forget to check in with the WonderWhyGal over at Wisdom Begins in Wonder to see everyone else's holiday gift progress.

P.S. - updated spelling, gah! Remind me not to write blogposts late at night that include riffed French words. :)


  1. I love the 3-needle bind-off, so efficient and tidy :-)

  2. Heather's work is amazing, isn't it?

    I love 3-needle bind off too.

  3. Cool cowl! That red lace shaw is going to be amazing. I love a nice, tidy 3-needle bind off, too. It's very satisfying.

  4. I love red! and green too and sometimes blue or purple. Your projects are looking beautiful. I like a good 3 needle bind-off but the 3 needle keep knitting has gotten my attention of late. So many techniques and so little time...

  5. Three needle bind off is indeed awesome. I love love that green color!

  6. Your cowl looks very interesting - what a nice gift!

  7. I agree, that seem is nearly invisible... and Heather is a magician with wool. :-)

  8. I'm in love with your lacy shawl! That double sided cowl is amazing. Yep, I love the three needle BO - anything to avoid seaming :)

  9. oooh, I love the magic of blocking!

    That Heather, she is a doll!

  10. You are so productive during this fast-paced, holiday season. I like how the shawl is coming out so far. The blocking looks great and the 3NBO came out wonderful.