Friday, January 18, 2013

Behind the Scenes This Fee-Fi(ber)-F.O. Friday

I haven't been around my blog too much in the last few weeks (although I've been busy on Ravelry). I have been working on finishing up some projects for publication. Shameless plug alert - And, if you were already on my newsletter mailing list, you would know the yarns I've been working with - so if you're not on it, go on and sign up right now. End shameless plug.
I'm almost finished with a design that's been donated for a charity publication. The yarn is yummy and I am really excited not only about the project, but the fact that all the designs, as well as the yarn used in the publication, have been donated. It's very appropriate that I am slated to finish my design this holiday weekend when the U.S. celebrates the anniversary of Martin Luther King, Jr.'s birthday.
This time each year is always contemplative for me, and working on this charity project has really focused my hands and mind, once again, on the true meaning of this holiday. Being of service to others can take many forms, not the least of which can be a donation of one's time and talent. I was honored to have one of my designs chosen for this project, and despite delays due to unforeseen acts of the universe, everyone has managed to stay focused and perservere. I cannot wait to see the final result, and to be able to share the design and the entire project with all of you.
In the meantime, please head on over to Wisdom Begins in Wonder and check out what everyone else is working on (of service or otherwise) this Fiber Arts Friday.  And if you have the opportunity and are so inclined, get out in your neighborhood and engage in a service project. Knitters and crocheters are such a giving bunch.

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  1. Look forward to seeing your new design!

  2. Looking forward to your new design and for your lovely reminder about the meaning of this holiday. Too many people go through life never looking beyond themselves. Have a great weekend!

  3. Congrats on this design venture!
    It's amazing how ppl like Dr. King faced such unbelievable opposition and endured horrendous treatment. His calm and peaceful bravery was phenomenal. My 8 year old asked me a great question this week about her great, great aunt who was perhaps in her 40s when the Montgomery Bus boycott was going on. She had asked if our aunt had faced discrimination like Dr. king did. I need to find that out. It'd be interesting to know how Asians were treated during this time.

  4. Can't wait to see your new design!