Friday, January 25, 2013

The Everyday Is One Big Still Life

If you're like me and love color, then you tend to pay attention to it everywhere - except in your everyday life. My home is filled with color, most of it intentional, like the artwork and textiles. However, a lot of it changes daily, depending on the time of day and the current project with which I'm involved. I find inspiration in all of it:

While you may recognize this cowl I made a few months back,
there's something about it on the dressform, on the table with the cream fabric beneath it,
with the blue peeking out from behind that gives it a whole 'nother dimension.

I found the play of the blue coffee cup with the wonderful,
deep purple on the clear glass table rather inspiring.

And then there's George Bailey. While his colors might not change,
his mood does. Constantly. Here, he's in a catnip-frisky mood. You don't want
to know how many tries it took before I got a somewhat clear shot of his face.
If mood were a color, he'd be neon orange right about now.

Now definitely link up with all the other color and yarn lovers over at Wisdom Begins in Wonder. You just never know from where the next inspiration will come!


  1. You certainly have a way of finding inspirations in everyday colors!

  2. It's very cool how you're so aware of your surroundings, finding color inspiration in them.

  3. Isn't it interesting how inspiration shows itself?

  4. Mmm love the deep purple + cobalt blue.

  5. I really love the colours in that cowl, and the purple, well what not to like about purple :)