Friday, May 31, 2013

A Few Good Cardis

Happy Fee-Fi(ber)-F.O. Friday, everyone! I'm so excited to be back to regular blogging, now that Fleurs et L'eau is published.

I thought I'd share some notes on the projects in the collection, and what better way to start than with the two sassy cardigans - One if By Hook and Two If By Sticks.

The knit cardi came to me first, oddly enough. I knew I wanted to also create a garment for crocheters, and the goal was to take elements from the knit cardi but still come up with something just different enough:

At this point, the knit cardi swatch was looking pretty good. However, while I liked the stitch patterns for the crochet cardi, I was still not completely sold on just one color. Going to the store to buy buttons turned out to be just the inspiration needed to go with a lime accent. I instantly saw how adding another color made the Lion Brand Cotton-ease in seaspray pop.

Tunisian 1 x 1 ribbing behaves differently than traditional knit ribbing - there's no real elasticity. This was exactly what I wanted; on the knit cardi I chose seed stitch because of the lack of stretch, as well as the textural element.

There is also loads of tex-ture along the front neck-line of Two if By Sticks which, combined with all that great seed stitch, makes for textural paradise.

Both of these are portable and great for use as temperatures change. In fact, one model wore One if By Hook for the approximately 45 minute coffee/camera battery replacement break we needed to make. It was stylish, comfy and got the job done. I was very pleased.

As I introduce the pieces of Fleurs et L'eau (and if you haven't yet seen the preview publication, you can scroll down the page here and click right on it), I'll be running a poll in my Ravelry group concerning what pattern people might like to tuck into for an upcoming join-along. Do feel free to head on over there and cast your vote. There will be yarny prizes. Yes, yes there will.

Finally, while you're heading places, definitely head on over to Andrea's blog Wisdom Begins in Wonder and share your own fibery pursuits at this, the end of May, and unofficial beginning of summer here in the northern hemisphere.


  1. I love these cardigans! You're right about the lime border on the crochet cardi, just the pop of colour needed to make it a real fashion statement. And the knit version is quite Chanel like, very classy!

  2. Very cute cropped cards! Their names are adorable. Congrats.

  3. Love all the texturing. I just started a cardigan with seed stitch edging, makes knitting and wearing a lot more fun.

  4. I LOVE these cardis! You are so creative!

  5. That cream/navy cardi is a lovely modern twist :)