Tuesday, May 7, 2013

I'm Pinning ... I Think

Voie de Vie now has an official Pinterest presence! See the button just to the right?

I've set up a few boards, all pinned with my photos. I'm still a little leery about pinning lots of images that I didn't create. It's one thing for me to put my photos out there and have them repinned, but quite another to pin someone else's images. There are some exceptions to this - retail sites mostly; definitely museum sites as well, and I'm certain I can think of more.

I'd love to hear how everyone uses their Pinterest boards (and, of course, whether or not you actually use Pinterest). What might you find interesting to see on a designer's board?


  1. I'm following you :O).
    I use them as online organization of links I wanna refer back to in the future either for fun or for ideas.

  2. congrats! I've just started following you. :) I use my boards for inspiration, and a sort of visual bookmarking- keeping track of recipes I want to try (or already love), or links that I really enjoy.

  3. ah! I have managed to stay away from Pinterest. Ravelry already is a time suck for me :-D Have fun with your new distraction :-D hahaha!

    1. I think you're not on Ravelry all that much. That's what two toddlers roaming around will do. :)

  4. I use mine to come up with TONS of things! I have boards for shopping, inspiration, ideas, crafts, knits, crochet, quilting, recipes and mood boards. I have collaborative mood boards for projects I'm working on, too. Pinterest is great!

  5. Hmmm... I have a Pinterest account, but have never logged in.

  6. I have been using Pinterest a lot, mostly pinning things I see on Chinese sites, but I also pin cool knitting and dog pictures from my friends' blogs. I think of it as putting a link on my blog or Facebook update, when people click on the pin it takes them directly to the source. That's why etsy and retailers benefit from Pinterest, word of mouth sales, free marketing for them.