Friday, June 28, 2013

A Cowl's Tale ... In Three Parts

There once was a little cowl design (the Climbing Vines Cowl) that was in search of the perfect fiber weight to be made with.

First, the little Climbing Vine Cowl went to see the fingering weight:

Oh, what lovely stitch definition you have! said the cowl to the Cascade Ultra Pima cotton. The cowl loved how it draped once made, and thought the color most excellent for summer. However, there were more fiber weights to visit.

Next, the little Climbing Vine Cowl went to see the aran weight:

Oh, what wonderful squoishiness you have! said the cowl to the Reynolds Mandalay 100% pure silk (even as it knew this silk had been discontinued). The cowl also loved this color, and was convinced it will make the giftee to whom its going very happy indeed. Yet, there was still one more fiber weight to visit.

The little Climbing Vine Cowl then went to see the bulky mohair (in two colors):

Oh, what amazing airiness you have! You are super warm, yet weigh less than a feather, said the cowl to the various mohair it met. Climbing Vines was also thrilled with how both colorways looked next to each other - almost a match made in heaven.

Is there a perfect fiber weight for me, thought little Climbing Vine? Hmmmm .... maybe all three!

(Of course, we won't tell our star cowl that there's yet one more fiber weight - laceweight - still to meet. Oh, so many date choices.)

I wonder what other fibery tales the fiberistas are telling over at Wisdom Begins in Wonder. Maybe Climbing Vines will find some handspun to cozy up to.


  1. I love the last shot! Cowls are so handy. My neck is sensitive and always gets cold.

  2. Very interesting to see the same pattern meets different yarns. Love the stitch definition in cotton and silk, but they sure can't beat mohair for warmth!

  3. That is really very cool, I like the pic of all three together!

  4. about a versatile pattern.

  5. It's a great pattern for all of the weights.
    I love that your pattern adapts to the various weights and still keeps it's look.