Friday, September 20, 2013

Some Gorgeous Fiber and a Bloggy Winner

Happy Friday, everyone! I do apologize for the lateness (comparatively speaking) of this week's Fee-Fi(ber)-F.O. post, but it couldn't be avoided. Better late than not at all.
Initially, I must share with you the absolutely gorgeous fiber I received from Andrea (you know, the WonderWhyGal) in thanks for making her shawl:

Just check out that alpaca/merino/silk goodness. In an absolutely stunning purple overdye, no less (wine on the vine, aptly named). While I do realize that overdying the natural alpaca color might be sacrilege to some, this purple was calling to me (out of the two colorways Andrea provided as samples), so just color me sacrilegious ... and I'll happily do nothing but adore all this purple, squoishy goodness without one shred of guilt.

I should also say that Andrea was kind enough to slip two bars of goat's milk soap as well as some Kookaburra wash and a few other goodies into my thank you package. The soap smells wonderful; I can't wait to try it out. I am thrilled, thrilled, thrilled with this exchange, thanks so much Andrea!
And now onto my Crochet! Magazine + LB Yarn giveaway. Please note I hand wrote all of the names on pieces of paper and gave them a good shake in the cup prior to a neutral third party doing the honors:

And the winner, thanks ever so much to one of my local, trusty baristas for his excellent assistance, is:

Karen, a blurry congratulations! I will be getting in touch with you (if you don't get in touch with me first) to work out the details of receiving your prize. I hope it provides hours of crochet goodness.

And now, do make certain you head on over to Wisdom Begins in Wonder to see what everyone else is pulling out of their respective, fibery hats this week. I'll be battening down the hatches for a weekend of forecasted rain ... and loads of most excellent yarn work.

I'll be petting all the squoishy, purple fiber this weekend


  1. Lovely purple, Andrea does have the most gorgeous colour and fibre combinations. Enjoy your yarn petting weekend ;-)

  2. I love the color. The yarn is terrific luxury.

  3. I can't wait to see what you create with this yarn. I love my natural colored Alpaca but it is super lovely when overdyed.

  4. oh, that fiber is gorgeous!!!! You knit her shawl? It is really beautiful! lovely work!

    1. Thanks so much - yes, I crocheted her shawl: her hand-spun, my pattern. :)