Friday, February 21, 2014

Where Haz All the Games Gone?

So can everyone believe the Games are almost over???? Where did all the competing go? Where did all the snow in Sochi go? While I will have a more detailed wrap-up next week, I must say I have thoroughly enjoyed all the new events. I am on snowboard and half-pipe overload.

In the meantime, as part of my Ravellenic team events, I have completed another Forged Joy (the motifs for which I wrote about in my most recent previous blog post) - still in Neighborhood Fiber Co's Capital Luxury Lace (same base as my original sample) but in this awesome Belair colorway. Even with my less-than-perfect cell phone photos, the color just jumps out at you and wants to make friends. It's a happy color, no? To the right is a closer look at the edging detail, including the beads at each point (some of which do seem to be shining in the photo, I'm happy to report). This version of Forged Joy is scheduled to make its debut at Stitches West this weekend, so if any of you out there plan to attend, definitely stop by Karida's booth and check it out (along with all that most excellently dyed fiber she's brought with her).

In the meantime, I'm going to attempt to get one more project completed for Ravellenics - wish me luck. Now I hope everyone will brave the Internet elements and head on over to Wisdom Begins in Wonder and see how everyone else is winding down from the Olympics.

What Forged Joy looks like sans edging.


  1. OMG! I love this color of your shawl. It's amazing how the color choice totally changes the mood of your beautiful pattern. Your wine colored one is so elegant and this one is sassy. LOVE LOVE LOVE My husband loved all of the challenges on the slope. I've really enjoyed the Olympics this year. Honestly, I'm a Summer Olympics fan. Maybe it's my years in Track and Field. Have a great weekend!

  2. I feel so bad for not seeing this post sooner, or I'd look for your shawl at Stitches and maybe even take some "in action" pictures. But I think I did see it in Neighborhood Fiber's booth, it's such a striking color! Hope you'll make it to Stitches one day, it will be great fun meeting you in person.

    1. No biggie, Vivian. If you saw a whole lotta green, then you probably saw the shawl. :)

      I have been to one Stitches West, when it was in Portland. I would like to make it to another one ... and when I do, I'll definitely let you know.

  3. The color is amazing! It screams spring, which is exactly what I want to hear right now.