Friday, March 14, 2014

All Fiber All The Time

Hello my fibery friends - so sorry I haven't been around for a few Fridays, but what's a designing gal to do? Play with all the fiber, of course! So here's a round-up of news on the Voie de Vie designing front:

Initially, here's the fiber I've been playing with on several recent projects:


There was a ton of sunlight when I took this cell phone photo, but the colors are not too washed out. I can also tell you that beads were associated with this project. :)

I absolutely loved working with this 100% flax yarn. It's got a very rustic quality to it and lots of "bite." I definitely will use this yarn again (and aren't the colorways fantastic?).

I cannot wait for everyone to see what I made with all of this loveliness. Despite the high acrylic content (which is saved by the balance of cool cotton in the blend), Berroco Weekend is a dream - it's got great texture and the colors are saturated and gorgeous.

Additionally, this luscious Lion Brand yarn + beads are about to be whipped up into a fun little project for charity - Knitting for Gold, a childhood cancer awareness project. It will be completed for an e-book to be published this coming September (which is, of course, childhood cancer awareness month). All proceeds from the publication will be donated to a charity that specifically does childhood cancer research. Kellie Huffman is the whirlwind behind all this - and her daughter is currently waiting on a heart transplant list. Many knitters and hookers have donated projects to this e-book, and Kellie's receiving great help with publishing this project, most notably from Twist's Kate Gilbert. Stay tuned, because I will be looking for testers once this project is completed.

Finally, earlier this week, I had a wee little surprise hit my inbox - here's the cover of the lastest F+W Media book containing two of my designs! It's slated to hit bookstands everywhere on or about April 16th. All of the projects in this book (and there are a whole lot of them between these covers!) are meant to be made in an afternoon, day, or weekend. I'm pretty excited to receive my copy - who knows, I just might try a new-to-me craft (like, I don't already have enough on my plate).

Now do make certain you head on over to Andrea's blog at Wisdom Begins In Wonder to catch up on the latest doings with everyone else. And I promise I won't be a stranger for so long again.

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