Sunday, July 12, 2015

Interior Design Fun in the Summertime

A former student once remarked during a class discussion that we were in the midst of an interior design revolution. This was sometime in 2008, and I wholeheartedly agreed with her.

Well, seven years later, the revolution shows no signs of stopping. Humans continue to define, redefine and refine their living spaces. One of the revolutionary fronts has to be DIY and knit and crochet. Even though decoration for the home has always been one of crochet’s hallmarks, there is an absolute redefinition of its aesthetic. While many have reclaimed the granny square blanket, the crochet interior design fabrics currently being created are full of cutting edge texture, design, and color. From motif work with an ability to mindfully stash-bust to texture rich pillow covers to decorative lace, crochet for the home has come of age. As Marcy Smith, Interweave Crochet’s editor, remarked in her introduction to its first-ever home collection published at the beginning of the year, not only does crochet everywhere in her living space define it as “home,” her teenage son’s friends thought it was cool. Thanks, Marcy, for sharing that nugget – it indeed was a crochet “win.”

I was fortunate enough to have many home fashion designs published in 2014 by third party publishers (including a rug design in the aforementioned Interweave Crochet special home edition). Now that many of those designs’ rights are once again mine, I’ve used them as the basis for my very first home-centered collection. A few pieces I’ve republished in their originally published form, but most have been reworked with slight tweaks in different fibers and colors, and I’ve added two brand new designs that have been percolating in the background for many months.

I hope you enjoy the look book for A La Maison No. 1. I thoroughly enjoyed photographing and putting it together. All of the design patterns can be purchased from my Ravelry Design store either individually or as a complete collection.

I once wrote in an Instagram line that home was where the cat and the hand-made blanket were located. As I think you’ll see from this collection, no truer words were written.