Wednesday, July 29, 2015

Still Feeling the Cowl Love

(c) Annie's
I wrote in my Ravelry group a while back that I was feeling the cowl love. I have designed quite a few cowls in the past year, and I've got another one to share with you: the Gradient Flower Cowl.

As I blogged back in March when I photographed the yarn used in this project (Lion Brand Amazing - one of my favorites), I thoroughly enjoyed making this sample. In fact, I pretty much couldn't put it down. Even weaving in the ends wasn't a chore. There is something about watching color in a project come to life that is completely engrossing to me. I simply cannot get enough of it. Since I used three different Amazing colorways to achieve this gradient (lightest and brightest colors at the face and neck to darker colors around the shoulders) it once again felt like painting with yarn, which is always a thrill for the painter in me.

There is one big first with this project - it actually made the cover of the special Annie's publication it's in: From Scraps to Sensational. Here's a smaller photo of the cover - check out the left hand top corner:

(c) Annie's

This is the first cover of a publication that's not published by yours truly on which one of my designs appears. A little chuffed am I. 

I've linked to this special Annie's publication above. It's currently on sale for instant download directly from Annie's, and it will hit newsstands mid-August. 

This has completely made my day!

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