Thursday, January 21, 2016

Fait à la Main Day 5: Puffy Links Scarf

Everyone, remember this little collection? The one I was introducing before the beginning-of-the-new-year flurry kicked in? Well, we're at the penultimate day, people, and here's the accessory piece to go along with it - the Puffy Links Scarf. 

This is another accessory after my own heart: squoishy yarn (Lion Brand Yarns' Lion's Pride Woolspun), an easy-peasy stitch pattern worked length-wise (so not many rows at all to complete), and a large hook equates to one warm, fashionable and quick-to-make accessory. I've had this design in my sketch book for almost a year, so it is (I can only imagine!) super thrilled to finally see the light of day. 

The big lush factor on this scarf is its length: wear it long for a great romantic, bohemian look or up wrapped a few times around the neck for a more classic winter look. Either way, you cannot go wrong, so pick your favorite color and get hooking ... like ... right this minute, ok?

It'll be in my Ravelry design store momentarily.


  1. I really like this rich color you used. I also like how this scarf is thick and warm. Wonderful job.

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