Tuesday, January 26, 2016

Fait à la Main Finale: Snowflakes & Smocking Cowl

Hi ho everyone - we are finally at the last introduction from this most awesome collection! I must say that, purely coincidentally, this was also the last piece to be photographed and we had a ton of fun with it. I am so pleased to introduce you to the warm and oh-so-lightweight Snowflakes & Smocking Cowl. 

I broke several rules with this design - the biggest being my willingness to not only show the "wrong" side of tunisian crochet fabric, but make it the star. Get a look at that wonderful color play and smocking-like stitching, all compliments of a simple two-row tunisian crochet stitch pattern than looked so good from the back I decided it should be out front. While, technically, this cowl isn't reversible (the 2 x 2 tunisian ribbing isn't all that reversible), most of this cowl's fabric looks good no matter the angle. Check out the plaid-like "inner" fabric peaking out wonderfully. So, so neat.

This was, quite literally, the last shot
of the day. My model is laughing
with her husband, who's off-camera.
Additionally, I combined two ombre colorways of Lion Brand's Scarfie and it only deepened the lovely textural characteristics of this cowl. Yet, because Scarfie is a brushed yarn and lightweight, my model absolutely loved this cowl's warmth and softness. In fact, I'm in the process of making one for her in these exact colors (denim and cream/taupe) - just one skein of each colorway will make this generously sized cowl, with yarn left over.

This design will be listed in my Ravelry design store momentarily, as well as the entire collection's e-book. Additionally, if you haven't yet seen it, the collection has its very own lookbook:

I want to thank Lion Brand Yarns, Neighborhood Fiber Co., and Kathryn over at Alpacamundo.com  for the wonderful fibers. I hope you'll take a few minutes to pay homage to all your hands have made during this last gift-giving season, as well as to all they will make in 2016.

Happy making, my fiber friends!

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