Sunday, March 27, 2016

A Design Anniversary March Nod

The current state of my tri-color Cracked Glass Cowl. I'm going to
finish that light green yarn at any moment, and have another green,
more olive in tone with a little bling, all ready and waiting to go.
 As March nears its close (resembling neither lion nor lamb), and as people start to finish projects in the current Cowl-o-rama a-long, I thought it appropriate in this design anniversary year to recognize the 5-year mark of my Ravelry group

I started it in March 2011, and it has been a small repository of my design evolution. It started out as a place where we read books together and swapped fiber and other stuff, but as my design career gained momentum, the focus changed. It has also slowly and organically grown (and I reached 200 members yesterday, an admittedly small, yet amazing milestone for me), which growth I am really pleased with. I am all kinds of humbled and grateful that other people want to follow my design progress as well as make one of my designs - definitely a pinch me moment.

There's still time to join us and make a quick spring cowl, since the a-long doesn't end till the 10th of April. Etched Ice and La Coeur Cowl have been the two popular designs so far, but I think we'll also see some tunisian crochet cowl design completions before it's all said and done.

Happy Easter to those who celebrate the holiday! Maybe instead of a new Easter bonnet, we should revise the tradition: a new Easter cowl. 

I like that.

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