Sunday, March 6, 2016

Just in Time for Cowl-o-rama

I am pleased to introduce the newest cowl to my Ravelry Design Store, the Mixed Bag Cowl

As regular readers of the blog may remember, I originally blogged about this cowl's publication back in July of 2015. Well, my design rights have reverted back to me, I've created a second sample, snapped some additional lovely photos, et voila! an almost-brand-spanking-new cowl is ready and waiting for purchase.

I am showing a photo of both samples of this cowl together, so you may be able to see the color interplay not only within each sample, but between the two cowls side by side. There is one fiber that is common to both samples, Madelinetosh Tosh Merino Light in the shire colorway, but then the rest of the fibers are different in each. As you can see (and something I continually talk about), color is all about context - you may be able to pick out the Tosh Merino Light  in each sample, but together with other colors, it acts very differently. Love this, like a lot.

In fact, I love pretty much everything about this design. It's tunisian crochet (one of my favorite techniques), utilizes tri-strand colorwork, and is a study in color. Absolutely my sweet spots. I could make many of these cowls. 


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