Monday, October 3, 2016

The Third Design from A La Maison 2

Hello everyone - here we are at day 3 of the A La Maison 2 design roll-out. May I present the Buds Bag.

This green gem was originally published by back in June 2015. I reimagined it using Lion Brand Heartland in colors that speak to my fall-loving heart (and I admit, I am very much in a green mode at the moment). It is lined, and the green/gold fabric I used from stash also played a big role in determining the reimagined bag's colors. 

I have been using my original sample bag so much, that it needs new handles! Thus, this new take is not one moment too soon. 

This bag is not only stylish but, in fact, rather sturdy, thanks to single crochet seams, crab stitch edging, and the aforementioned lining. Additionally, included only with the collection's e-book, is a tutorial I originally wrote for the e-zine on how to line a bag (one of those editorial bonuses I mentioned yesterday).

My self-released version of this design also includes color schematics for the motifs, which were not included in the originally published version. There is something about seeing colors together that can spark one's creative juices. If these colors don't float your boat, then just work up a palette that does.

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