Tuesday, October 4, 2016

A La Maison Introductions - Day 4

Well, my crafty friends, I am shaking things up just a wee bit with a knit design today. Please say hello to The Perfect Little Pillow Cover.

Why so perfect? Well I am glad you asked. Large needles and squishy, hefty yarn make for quick work. There is not one seam in this pillow cover; rather, an ingenious three-implement bind-off that produced those lovely, clean seam lines. Finally, buttons make for easy cleaning, because you know you are going to use this pillow a lot

I am a real lover of garter stitch, so this design was personally very satisfying to work up. It combines almost all of my favorite design elements and techniques. Parfait, oui?

Definitely work up one (or more) for yourself in easy-to-care-for yarn. Your head (and your heart) will thank you.

This fourth design from the A La Maison 2 collection will makes its way into the Ravelry database and my Ravelry Pattern Store today. 

October, so far, is so much fun!

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