Monday, June 6, 2011

A Day In The Life

So, at the excellent suggestion of (back in the beginning of April) Miss Rain over at The Adventures of the Gingerbread Lady, several of us from Ravelry's The Blog Hub have decided to take some photos of a "typical" day in our lives and share them with all of you.

I decided to share with you a photo montage of some of my weekend, since summer (finally!) arrived in the Pacific Northwest. While I've captioned each of the photos, I want to be fairly short on copy. This is a typical way to spend the weekend around these parts:

1. My "day" started in the late afternoon - from my balcony,
it doesn't get much better than this in June in the Pacific Northwest.
Notice the boats. There were a lot more of them earlier in the afternoon.

2. From this ginormous rhodie bush ...

3. I cut some fresh blooms for my
dining table.

4. Of course, you know I got some
crafting time in there. This is the current
state of my living room coffee table.
So much for coffee.

5. Every morning, I go through
the same ritual with George
Bailey. Notice the prior
 evening's kibble adventure.

6. Then George Bailey sits there,
looking at the bowls ...

7. ... then looking at me ...

8. ... until I finally put down the fresh
food. He doesn't even settle into
a comfortable position while he
inhales the small portion of wet
food I give him.
9. Then, before my morning coffee,
I usually have some warm water
and lemon. It not only helps with my
spotty water intake, but it's a good
system cleanser. :)

10. I do a lot of walking in my area.
This is one of my favorite streets to walk.
This is on a main, heavily traveled street.
11. The benefits (and beauty) of living in
the middle of a previous rainforest system.
It ran, at one point, from Alaska to
Northern California.

12. We have a Solstice Parade
every year. These are some of the
floats under construction.
13. Urban signs of the street
(just past the float building).

14.This is one of several working bridges along a ship canal that links
two inner lakes to the bay.
15. And here's the actual canal. There's a well-used bike and
pedestrian path running alongside it.
16. All boats, big and small, as
well as a few feathered friends hit
the canal for some weekend r&r.
17. At the end of the canal, before the bay, there's
lots of ship docking and repair activity.

18. There's a street fair along a
portion of the ship canal every
Sunday. Everyone needs to
take care of pets and bikes.
19. Street fair wares. Anyone for
a funky furry hat?

20. Urban signs of life along the bike path.
21. One of several farmers' markets
held year-round, although the street
closes only in the summer months.
This was today's produce destination.

22. A sample of some of the farmers' goodies.
23. Ok, I couldn't pass up these mini-doughnuts, still hot
and sprinkled with cinnamon sugar.

24. And for everyone's musical pleasure,
your garden variety accordian/brass instrument
street musician.
25. It's definitely dog nation
at the Sunday markets. Aren't
these too adorable?

26. My bounty from the farmers' market: cherries,
apples, pears, asparagus, rhubarb (which I've never
before bought fresh), and some salad greens. Note
random dog on the left. Pooch was not getting
any of my fresh produce. No sirree.
27. I then headed over to one of the
nearby local library branches to pick up
some books and print out a shawl pattern.
No, I couldn't have planned this shot any
better if I had tried.

That's my (small) slice of life here in the Pacific Northwest. I'd love to hear your take on it, so definitely leave a comment and let me know. And thanks again to Miss Rain for getting this idea off the ground.


  1. Where you live looks fab, I think here would be boring in comparison! Your cat is very cute.

    I will have to do one of these day in the life things sometime.

  2. What a beautiful area you live in! The view's breathtaking. Your cat has that many bowls to choose from on a daily basis? Wowzers! What a great walk to go on down that street. How fun to see the daily development of the floats. The donuts look delis! How healthy you eat and how fab to be able to buy it from the outdoor market. Great last shot as well! I enjoyed your photo montage.

  3. How fab to have all that lovely produce so close to hand. We don't really have anything like that here :(

  4. I love the Seattle Tacoma area. We're up there about once a year from CA.
    Glad you're finally getting Spring there. Here it rained most of the weekend.
    Great job!

  5. Oh my, I would love to have spent that day wandering around with you... well, I guess I just did, huh. That was most enjoyable. You live in a lovely part of the country and I envy your weather and the beauty of the walking trails, the bustle of the street fairs and the calm of the urban areas. It's just wonderful.

  6. Looks like a great place to live!

  7. So, I must confess to my limited knowledge of PNW topography... I guess that is Mt. Ranier which means you might be in or near Seattle.

    My sis lives up that way and I've (only) been to visit her once. :-(

    Your photos are beautiful and well, your view is priceless. :-)

  8. What a wonderful post, Denise!! Your view is awesome, and what a lovely walk...produce, trees, interesting people, etc. Fantastic!!

  9. I love that first picture of the city with the mountains in the background. Breathtaking! Really enjoyed looking at the pictures and reading about where you live. The farmer's market looks like a lot of fun.

  10. I may follow your lead on this one day. I'd love to move to the Pacific Northwest. I dream of Seattle often...

  11. Other than the stare down from the cat who thinks he should be fed more, our days are not that similar. The scenery in your pictures really makes me long for more access to the outdoors!

  12. Thanks for all the comments, everyone! Everyone in the PNW needs to enjoy the sunshine when it's here, cause it's always in limited supply. Of course, it's now raining again. :)

  13. Made me miss Seattle - used to live in the Olympic Peninsula area and visited Olympia often with many runs up to Seattle too - I love all that water! Interesting post, thanks for sharing

  14. Wonderful photos :D We had a beautiful weekend here in Colorado, one where I would of loved to have gotten out to take pictures, but I was horribly sick. One thing that always has me envious of the Northwest, is how green it is. Most of the places I've lived in recently are desert-scape, so it makes me miss the green.

  15. This was an excellent post. I'm always a sucker for pictures, but then you mentioned living in a rainforest, and I was hooked. Also, that's a neat floor covering behind George Bailey. It almost looks like something blocking....

  16. @SimpleSavvy: Thanks! Actually, it's a small area rug I crocheted. The pattern can be found in Kim Werker's "Crochet Me."

  17. What a fabulous "day in the life!" I loved every photo and envy that very first view. What beauty.

  18. Oh my Bob! Do you live in the centre of the Universe?!?! (you must be pretty close to Gasworks Park - one of our old haunts!) I remember the "naked people parade" (gawd I miss that) and recognise Fremont bridge and the farmers market outside PCC & Cold Stone, the Burke Gilman trail and Ballard library (near my old gym and Joanne's and what was formerly WAMU).

    This has been an emotional trip down memory lane for me; I miss Seattle so much! I used to cycle up Fremont Av. (once I even made it all the way to woodland park!!!) We lived at 42nd & Fremont (a block behind the Buckaroo). I'll be in Seattle this summer and would love to meet you in real life! :)