Monday, June 27, 2011

My Needles Are Where, Exactly?

So, do you see this fiber?

Very lovely - I agree. It will eventually become this shawl.

The Dianna Shawl, one of
the many beautiful shawls
designed by the mastermind
behind Colours from Chaos
I say eventually because ... well ... this entrelac pattern has been kicking my needles to Timbuktu. I thought it would be the entrelac technique that would give me fits. But noooooooo. It's the darn lace - I cannot get past the first block! I think I've frogged that sucker at least four times.

Now, I'm a good knitter - I'd say better than average, but not an expert by any means. Clearly I can do something right, since I've turned this pile:

into this:

Nevertheless, there are just some patterns that, for whatever reason, one seems to have a blindspot. I've got another shawl that's been in hibernation since last year that others find quite pleasant, easy even (heavens to Mergatroy!), yet for me ... well, you get the idea.

Now I'm certain all those individuals who think the pattern is so easy have all kinds of advice, tips and tricks for me. They might even want to show off their FOs in an effort to indicate just how snappily they completed their projects (and hey, everyone's entitled to strut their stuff). But what if I want to learn these patterns and get through them on my own? What if I absorb information and this type of material best on my own? I don't always want to know your tips or tricks - I like finding many things out for myself. Really. In my own time. In my own space.

I learned a long time ago (through many different types of education and settings) that one can only put information out there. But really internalizing the lesson? That's different for everyone, and the motivation must come from within. I trust that experiences, perspectives, truths, are different. We can all still support each other ... just let me learn this on my own, ok?

Brought to you from somewhere between here and Timbuktu.


  1. That's a lovely shawl. I really like this designer, and my next planned project is her Nightsongs shawl. I admire you for wanting to struggle through and figure it out for yourself. Best of luck and keep us posted, please.

  2. your bedside table ROCKS! as does the blanket! (I REALLY like the blanket).

    As far as learning goes, I'm with you; sometimes I get it immediately, other times not.

    I believe we have the same bed too :)

  3. You tell it, sister! I feel you totally!

  4. What an awesome afghan; I know that took a lot of patience and work.
    You'll figure it out. I always have issues w/lace as well.

  5. The blanket is really sweet, I hope to someday complete something that big. I'm with you on struggling through patterns--I learn best through 'doing' as well. Someone could tell me something 10 times and I still probably wouldn't really get it unless I tried it myself. It makes me a very slow knitter!

  6. It'll be beautiful! I love that pattern!

    And I know what you mean when you say you have a blindspot for a pattern. I've had problems with a few very easy patterns myself. We just didn't get along at all.

  7. LOVE the blanket and shawl! I have a few projects that I haven't touched in a while because I've frogged them a few times. Sometimes I just can't get the pattern, I guess, as much as everyone else loves it.

  8. I really like the afghan: how did you seam it ? Because I like how that ended up ...

  9. Very interesting pattern. Good luck!

  10. I so understand this. I've got about three projects I've started that have been folded away neatly, only to stare at me from a corner in my living room wondering why I abandoned them.

    One of the things I've noticed with easy patterns, in particular, the easier they are, the more room for errors there is... it seems who ever wrote the pattern does certain things and may have forgotten that what they do isn't necessarily standard or understandable to another person and forgets to make a note of it.

  11. That shawl has been in my queue forever. I really like the combination of lace and entrelac. I've probably told you before, but I love that afghan. The colors are just perfect.