Friday, June 24, 2011

Finally a Proper Fee-Fi(ber)-F.O. Friday

I must say I am truly pleased that I actually had an FO siting this week. I'm pretty pleased with my Scribbles shawl.
I've been working on this steadily, at night, since the middle of May. Because it's just garter stitch, it has been my go-to project when I wanted to unwind before heading off to sleepy-land. This shawl is all about the fiber used - the delicate, laceweight Kid Merino (28% mohair/28% merino/44% micro nylon) and the awesomely colored Noro Silk Garden Sock (colorway #S84). I love the interplay of delicate and earthy in this shawl, as well as the fringe.

However (always a softie for more startitis punishment), I also used this amazing organic superwash merino sock yarn from Lollipop Cabin:

to commence a Solar Flare-patterned shawl:

An amazing colorway? Yes.

Yet another project? You bet.

Do I need to get my head examined? Quite possibly.

I know I am a little late to this week's Fiber Arts Friday dance, but do check back with Andrea's blog to see what other fiber impossibilities everyone has gotten themselves into.


  1. Did you stripe w/the yarns for the scarf or hold both at the same time? I love the softness of it.
    That Lollipop Cabin rocks!

  2. The mohair shawl is devine! I absolutely LOVE how it looks. This next shawl should be sassy too. LOVE IT! Happy Fiber Arts Friday.

  3. The Scribbles shawl is lovely, must be very nice to wear it too.

    Michael Pollan is one of my favorite writers in the recent years. Very practical advice, easy going style, but based on serious researches. I hope more people would read him, and more importantly, follow his advice.

  4. @Kepanie: I striped them - that's what gives it the scribbles! And I agree - she does good work at the Lollipop Cabin.

    @WonderWhyGal: Thanks - I'm looking forward to getting a few more projects done while working on that new shawl. :)

    @Vivian: Pollan has such a clear, true writing voice. I'm definitely in his corner.

  5. Nice! I bought some Noro the other day. What a dangerous addiction to have... ;-p

  6. The scribbles looks great for summertime, light and airy--nice work!

  7. I love the visual effect of the two yarns in the scribble shawl. Very pretty!