Thursday, March 1, 2012

It's Over - No More Shiny Happy Gifts

Well, it's the final day of Blog Hub Swap gifts here at chez Voie de Vie. I've thoroughly enjoyed my bloggy, gift-filled week compliments of Tanya a/k/a Goddess Jasmine. The final day was the only gift that was specifically marked. It was a card, and when I opened it, this is what I found:

Wrapped in tissue paper, the pin was inside the card. It's a wonderful pin, and something that will be incredibly functional for me, since I wear shawls and scarves all the time. To the left below is a closer view of the pin:

Additionally, Tanya gifted two patterns from my rather voluminous online Ravelry queue: the Cascata Scarf (which would look stunning in the orange variegated wool/bamboo blend she gave me earlier in the week) and the Ocean Waves Stole. While I'm not certain how she settled upon those two patterns (although it might have had something to do with the yarn she gifted to me), since I have over 700 patterns in my online queue (!), I love them both, and I'm completely over the moon that I have two more patterns from which to craft loveliness.

I cannot adequately convey how much I've enjoyed this swap. I'm so glad I was your victim, Tanya - thank you, thank you, thank you! I have also enjoyed reading everyone else's bloggy gift reveals.

Now I just need to wait until my package arrives at its destination, so I can live vicariously through the recipient.


  1. I'm so pleased you liked the pin, I thought it was something a little unusual and I liked the colour. Sorry if the writing in the card looks a bit scruffy, I was struggling to hold the pen - so glad I'm not an invalid any more. Can't wait to see you blog about the patterns, I especially love the Ocean Waves Stole. :0) xxx

  2. Those are pretty patterns, and the pin will suit them :-)

  3. That pin is gorgeous :) Lucky you!

  4. The Ocean Waves stole is beautiful! would love to see how you make it.

  5. It's been such fun reading all the blogs about this swap you participated in. The pin you got is so lovely!