Sunday, March 4, 2012

A Wiggly-Perfect Match Made in Gotham City Heaven

Bruce Springsteen and Jimmy Fallon: two entertainers at the height of their on-stage powers got together on Friday for one amazing show. This is the second time that Fallon-as-Neil-Young and Springsteen appear together and absolutely steal the show.

Springsteen, out to promote his latest album Wrecking Ball, has hit solidly with fans and critics, at least in terms of lyrical sentiment. The Star-Ledger, however, had this to say about Springsteen:

         "Springsteen, who has often written eloquently about the distance between the
         American dream and American reality, is no doubt sympathetic [to the Occupy
         Wall Street movement]. Yet his prescription on "Wrecking Ball" — community,
         perseverance through hard times and a surrender to spiritual guidance — is not
         necessarily one that will resonate with protesters who are hoping to find success
         on their own terms."

I might humbly suggest that recipe - community, perserverance through hard times and a surrender to spiritual guidance - have (to a greater or lesser extent) led both Springsteen and Fallon to their current success. On their own terms.

Watch and come to your own conclusion.

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  1. I really loved the first Jimmy Fallon/Bruce Springsteen collaboration--I think I heard about it on Fresh Air? Jimmy Fallon is fabulous! The funny thing about both songs is that I had never heard them before. :) Clearly, I am out of the youth pop culture loop.