Wednesday, March 19, 2014

A Little Crochet Preview

To help celebrate National/International Crochet Month, I've got some crochet sneaky peeks to share with you from VK Live, held this past weekend in Bellevue.

All of these designs will be in Vogue Knitting's third (and I hope annual) crochet special edition, which Trisha Malcolm, VK's editor, told me is being finalized as we spoke about it on Saturday. Expect it to hit newstands sometime in May - but here's a little tasty preview:

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This dress front is amazing. In fact, on both the crochet and knit runways, dresses were hot.

This next summery top looked great over the white tee they had it styled with:

 This was one of my favorite pieces in the entire show - creative and full of texture.

This next top was paired with a sheer blue skirt and green shoes - I wanted the entire outfit:


Again, another great dress. While I might pick more muted colors (just think of that in neopolitan colors), this dress style is a keeper - it's easy to customize and imminently wearable by most anyone:

I absolutely loved this next top - it was worn by the presenter earlier in the day:

This next top is also great over a tee-shirt. I believe there are hairpin lace inserts on the sides, for all you hairpin lace fans. (Btw, the model is still in high school - I met her parents in the audience prior to the show and they were, as you can imagine, excited to see their daughter up on the runway.)

And, finally, the end of the show:

Trisha Malcolm was all kinds of excited for this third crochet special edition. With this preview, can you blame her?


  1. Creative spring/summer pieces! I like your favorite piece and the last three. Do you know the name of those patterns?

    1. Sorry this took so long, but yes, I do have the design names (I needed to dig out my program from the show): (1) Floral motif dress - Pat Olski; (2) Lacy Leaves top - Pat Olski; (3) Zig Zag Top - Linda Skuja; (4) Sleeveless Tunic - Dora Ohrenstein; (5) Ripple Dress - Yoko Hatta; (6) Oversized Openwork Top - Pat Olski; and (7) Motif Sleeveless Top - John Brinegar.

  2. I really like both of those tanks... and I feel like it's been forever since I've been to your blog. I've missed you.

  3. Wowza! Those are some sassy goods. I really love that first dress and the tanks.