Friday, August 1, 2014

Feeling the Seams This Fee-Fi(ber)-F.O. Friday

Isn't this colorway just divine????
 Hello everyone - yes, it's another Friday in the wonderful world of fiber arts. While I'm working away on projects, it has recently dawned on me that one should never underestimate the design power of a well-placed seam. 

The trend in knitting and crochet over the last several years has been to eliminate seams whenever possible because crafters would rather knit and crochet than seam. I admit, I have absolutely been one of those crafters in the past.

However, I've got several designs in the fire, as well as previously published designs, that incorporate some well-placed seams. I can state unequivocally they enhance the design tremendously (and for a really large dose of seam love, definitely check out my La Peinture Blanket - the seams make the blanket, literally and figuratively). 

There are ways to take some of the sting away from seaming - most notably how one seams. I'm curious (and your answers will in no way affect any designs in the hopper) - what kinds of seaming techniques are your favorites? Which ones do you avoid like the plague?

Alright, everyone - do make certain you head on over to Andrea's - you know, that Wonder Why Gal - to see all the final write-ups for the spinning awesomeness that was the Tour de Fleece.

We had some rain at the end of last week,
and the flowers just loved it.

And have a great weekend, one and all!


  1. I've never knit a seam but I'm on a new quest to learn all things. I won't be afraid when the time comes. Love your photos, as always.

    1. Thanks! I am particularly fond of the three needle bind-off - such an elegent almost no-seam!