Friday, August 29, 2014

It is Hard to Believe ...

See the Cascade 220 Aran, all lined up in a row ...
... that it is already the Labor Day weekend here in the U.S.! The unofficial (but somehow very official) end of summer. School starts next week (if it hasn't already started); the evening light doesn't last nearly as long, and soon the leaves will be turning.

Did you get everything you wanted to accomplish done this summer? Did you even think about things you wanted to accomplish before summer started? I did get things done this summer, although most of them I can't discuss just yet

For me, a confirmed autumn-loving gal, September is somehow the true beginning of my year. The next two months (September and October) are truly my favorites in terms of weather. And don't get me started on those great fall leaves we'll start to see very soon. The bounty in the fields and on our tables is something to which we'll definitely give thanks - in October in Canada; November in the U.S.

Yet, I want to take this moment to thank all those unseen persons who have made my summer of making (and making, and making and making) truly memorable: all the yarn dyers (both indie and corporate, assuming they're actual people and not machines), fiber farmers, yarn spinners, yarn shippers, yarn marketing and social media people, and all those yarny solopreneurs who get up every day and give it their very best so we can craft with such wonderfully beautiful yarn. What a treat you've all given me this summer. I hope every other yarnista feels the same way.

Now don't forget to head on over to Wisdom Begins in Wonder and check out just how Andrea is marking the end of her summer on the farm. And for those of you who want a sneak peek at some brand-spanking new crochet designs,'s October issue will go live on Monday. I've got a few things in this edition, which I'll be able to speak more about next week.

Do have a great holiday weekend if you're here in the U.S. - don't labor too much, alright? 

Unless it involves the barbeque - then labor away.


  1. Oh Denise, how time flies! I can't believe you're heading into autumn again the spring is around the corner for us... the last few months, well heck, the last 8 months just went like a flash, I feel like there are so much I wanted to do and so little I'd actually achieved. I really really need another two pairs of hands and an extra 20 hours in a day! Happy Labor Day weekend! x

  2. I don't know where Summer went. My dad always told me that time flies as your children grow and he wasn't kidding. I blinked and missed Summer. Next week the kids start school (they no longer like being called bears) and Cross Country starts. Yikes! I love autumn too. Bring on the cool days and handmade shawls. I can't wait to wear the two that you made for me. I love shawl weather.

  3. I'm a big fan of Fall as well. Leaves have already started changing here, and I understand there's been snow in the high country.

    Have a great weekend.