Tuesday, September 2, 2014

Monday Melange ... on Tuesday

Aren't these colors gorgeous?
See, that's what happens when there's a Monday holiday: the mélange just gets pushed to the next day.


As I wrote on Friday, the latest issue of iLikeCrochet.com is out, and I have some projects in it. As I also wrote, I'll have more to say about them later in the week.

However, I had also created additional content for this issue (including some original artwork) that made it to the editorial cutting floor. While I'm naturally disappointed (and can't publish the content myself for six months), I can show all of you the photographs I took in connection with the article. See, all is never lost when one takes a multidisciplinary approach. Clever gal I am. Talented too, if I do say so myself. 

So here's a photo montage, complete with captions, highlighting a fibery outing I took this past May. Part of the reason for the trip was to spotlight how one can use mass transportation instead of private vehicles to get around the greater Puget Sound. All of these photos were taken on a day when I traveled exclusively by bus and ferry. You'll see in a minute why I was very happy I did.

There is nothing like weathered wood
to evoke a great ferry ride feeling
prior to departure. Can't you just
smell the salty air?

This is downtown Langley, WA
(on Whidbey Island). I purchased
some yarn at a great local yarn store
here. It's early morning, so things
are relatively quiet.

The rain clouds eventually burned off to reveal
blue sky. It turned into a perfect afternoon.

Ok, and what would a ferry ride back to the
mainland be without these guys?

And this is why I was so happy to leave
the driving to others. This was the traffic scene
once I debarked from the bus I took south from
the ferry. This is also late Saturday afternoon -
not even rush hour.

And while George Bailey got in on the yarny
act, I was fairly pleased with my purchases.

Let me tell you, that Harrisville
Shetland is fantabulous.

It is extremely ironic and disappointing that the bus transportation system on Whidbey Island announced it would be cutting service on the island over this past summer in phases, the last of which occurred this past Saturday. As someone who relies on public transportation by choice, I was sad to hear this. I hope they will find a way to eventually reinstate the service they've cut. 

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