Monday, October 13, 2014

(Just Another) Melange Monday ... and the Rearranging is Good

It's Monday. Time for melange.

I've been wanting to rearrange/streamline my living space for quite some time (since pretty much the beginning of summer), and finally got started with things about three weeks ago. I tackled my living/dining area, which is pretty much an open floor plan (with a galley kitchen along one half edge). I cleaned, threw out, rearranged and pretty much reconfigured every little thing. While I'll show more photos of the finished area in a steady stream over the next couple of Mondays, I wanted to start with what is basically an empty wall along one edge (opposite the kitchen). I say empty because there is no outlet and it also houses the forced air heating element, so not too much can be placed along it.

However, I decided to not only rearrange the paintings in my living area, but also to incorporate some of my interior design samples. I so love the design of my Les Lignes Area Rug (published in a special Crochet! Magazine extra edition last fall) and I didn't want to let it languish in a samples box. Additionally, the top of that dress form and the bottom stand (which is actually a candle holder - can you see the candle at the dress form's waist?) weren't meant to be together. I was rather sick of attempting to balance the dress form half on various pieces of furniture with rather lopsided results. I did a mash-up with the candle holder and I love how it worked out.

Soooooo ... from a basic white, blank wall to what you see on the left. I like how the area rug design echos the lines in the painting.

I must admit, I'm pretty proud of myself. 

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  1. I can't believe you were keeping that rug in a box ! :)